Mallory Jansen on Playing Evil Queen in 'Galavant'

The actress talks about singing and dancing on the set of the new medieval fairytale.
3:25 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for Mallory Jansen on Playing Evil Queen in 'Galavant'
Fans of the ABC hit musical comedy "Galavant" cannot wait for the big season finale on Sunday. This once upon a time comedy is set in a fairy tale medieval kingdom where everybody sings and dances and Valerie plays the queen. Take a look. I've called up here to catch up my brother-in-law/future husband. You know I can hear you, right? So that's the king and queen of vvalencia, their daughter. She annoys me. That's my ex. I'm galavant. Shut up, pretty boy. Jester was cuter Welcome, Mallory. Nothing like it on television. How challenging is it, though. You're dancing, sings, camping it up. Got to be funny too. There's nothing you don't have to do. There's a lot in this. Dancing, singing, we were put in singing rehearsals and dancing rehearsals and I've learned a lot from doing this show. It's hysterical. How much improv is going on or all scripted. There is a lot of improv. We're usually given a few takes and start to do -- like by the script but after that it's creative freedom so we do a lot of that. Your character, the evil queen, we saw you, that's my ex. That's my boy toy. These quite the gold digger and -- She's a piece of work. She went for the old king and went for the power and money. She knows what she wants and good for her, you know. Has to be fun to play. So much fun. Nothing like that in real life. I hope not. No, she's a complete psycho, I hope I'm not like that. I heard you're a big Monty python fan. Do you have a favorite scene? I'm sure that helps you. Very similar humor. I love Monty python. I grew up on all that kind of comedy. 'Tis but a flesh wound. Yeah, good. My gosh, I love that. And speaking of funny you have some hilarious guest stars co-stars. Weird Al yankovic played a monk saying, hey, hey, we're the monks. Ricky Gervais. He can move his hips. He's great. We do have Ricky and he's brilliant. Improv, he's the improv king. Speaking of improv, a quick game with you. See how quick you are on your feet. We'll call it Mallory ever after. So we'll ask you questions and you just tell me the first thing. Okay. Favorite fairy tale villain. Oh, the wicked queen from "Snow white." Makes sense. Fairy tale character you wanted to be as a kid. Belle from "Beauty and the beast". You look like her. I like that. Number one Monty python moment. Oh, god. It has to be the big guy in the restaurant when he exploded. Yes. Best thing about being evil? Oh, getting to boss around Vinny Jones is pretty great. Finish this sentence. Once upon a time -- Madelana lived happily ever after. Mallory, thank you very much. We want to thank medieval types for creating the set. Gu "Galavant" airs Sunday at 8:00 on ABC. Miley Cyrus opening up about

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"The actress talks about singing and dancing on the set of the new medieval fairytale. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28427859","title":"Mallory Jansen on Playing Evil Queen in 'Galavant'","url":"/GMA/video/mallory-jansen-playing-evil-queen-galavant-28427859"}