Man Reveals the Secret to Sweetest Resume Ever

Watch the delicious way this job seeker says he has been securing interviews.
8:54 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Man Reveals the Secret to Sweetest Resume Ever
Our great audience here in new York City this morning. Michael, you have a sweet story to start us off. Actually, somebody toll my -- Well, they're -- My stuff. H is part of what I'm about to tell you. First of all, are you hungry? Would you like doughnuts. Yes. Would you give me a job if I brought you doughnuts? Definitely. You first. I'll take one. This guy is Lucas. Go on. I'm going take this one. This is all babt this guy, Lucas, was coming to this country. He had no job experience here. He wanted to get some interviews. He went to 40 different places and brought with him a doughnut. And inside the doughnut box is his resume. Yeah. There he is. You think it's a smart idea? I think it's really smart. He's got ten interviews lined up. He'll let us know if one of them turns into a job. Have you done anything to get a job? This brought back a great memory for me. Not the get a job. After our first date, a blind date, now 15 years ago. Ali sent me a box of doughnuts in the afternoon. And it worked. Totally worked. You know what? But I love the fact that you know, no pun intended, he thought outside of the box. And he -- Thought inside of the box. He thought inside of the box. Very good. I think he wants a job in tech, right? It's a creative, he's? Silicon valley. I feel like it's got to be impressive to a potential employer who says this kid opposite got -- Give Lucas a job. I wonder how many. He says he has ten interviews lined up. How many people got the doughnuts and ate them and didn't call him. 0 of them. So 20 people just enjoyed some doughnuts? He's probably got 100 interviews after this segment. I think we can all agree, romance, jobs, doughnuts are the answer. One more thing. A lot of people say, who eats the doughnuts? He dressed up like a delivery guy to difr himself to the person it should have gone to. In the note, it said, I was the guy dressed up like the delivery guy. Who thinks that gets a little weird? Leave the costumes at home. Bring the doughnuts. What if he's in a cop outfit. Now you're taking it to a whole other place. Did somebody need to be arrested? Bad girl. Sorry. Any way. Any way. Lara, you have something, too. We need to get you off this. I would like to talk about wedding etiquette. Where you should never come dressed as a postman or a police person. There's a new study. Saying that is the speech is, the ting ting, as they call it, is not a good idea for many reasons. No toasts? Because they say they can completely derail a night. There opinion, the ting ting can shine people in their worst light. Because if you had some cocktails, from being smug, overly sent mental. Too opinionated. Oversharing. You shouldn't do it when it becomes the competition where everybody in the room peoples they need to get up. It reminds me of the bridesmaids opepisode. They try to one-up each other on the speech. It's funny. We have all seen that. You have to have the father of the bride do a toast? You have to have the best man. My favorite memory is my dad and what he had to say about my wedding. It can be, the other thing is it's anti-conversational. You're -- nobody around is talking. It stops potential romances from happening. Finally, it's the main event at an -- I'm going to a rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. Everybody knows there will be the speeches. Before the speeches, everyone is waiting for the speeches. After the speeches, everyone is like, was that weird? How did I had do? The speeches are now judged. I agree, sometimes you're there, one person fwifrs a speech. You didn't plan on it. Everybody has to one up. That gets uncomfortable. The wedding of someone I know closely where the best man made a speech about the bride's ex. Didn't know the ex made a joke in reference to the husband that was true about the ex. And the family wanted to really take him back of the church, basically. It's a good rule for any toast. Don't mention the ex. This guy has no sense at all. He's all over the place. Choose your wedding party carefully. Just talking about that and cops and doughnuts. You know what? We chose our next guest kafful carefully. Give it up for John Krasinski. Hey, everybody. Morning, morning, morning. No, no, no. Hi. It's fine. Keep it, keep it, keep it. Hi, how are you? Sir. Hi, everybody. Hello. Thank you. Thank you. Would you like a doughnut? No, thank you. But thank you for coming to my meeting. Um -- right in the middle. A lot of important stuff to talk about. What do we got today? To toast or not to toast? That's the question. You want to weigh in? I think everybody should toast. Every wedding should be 9 1/2 hours long. That's what people want when they travel to a wedding. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your family is growing. You have another little girl at home. I do, yes E, thank you. We have a new daughter, violet. I love the names you have chosen. We love old lady names. We were like, what was popular in 1890. Hazel and violet. Tell us about the new show. It's unbelievable fun and bizarre show at the my great friend, Danny stessen, created. I think he's here. Right there. And, uh, Danny had an amazing idea about dream therapy. Instead of telling somebody at your dreams, what if you sat down, they connected tech to your head, and you livid through your dream on screen. That's cool. It's awesome. We have people laughing like, no, no, no. We don't want that. Oh, yeah. Goes straight to youtube. That's the other thing. Whatever you're dreaming goes right to your parents. You're in town for comicon. That's right. New York comicon. Where is your costume? I'm hiding it. It's hard to come out as a stormtrooper on "Gma." I figured I would keep it for awhile. What is he like behind the scenes? Exactly how he is here. He's an amazing man. Aw. That's a gad partner. He obviously got the duffel bag of money. He'll obviously give a toast at your next event. Did you mean my next wedding? I said even, John. I said event. Where will we see the show? It will be on adult swim. Car noon network, the late-night programming. They're doing some of the best stuff on TV. Edgy and fun. You're staging a table Reading of "Good will hunting." What is that about? It's a thing called live reads. They're Reading the screen play live. They asked me to direct one. It means cast as many cool people as you can to do it. I was lucky enough on get a lot of cool people, including my wife. We're going to read "Good will hunting" on stage. It will be a lot of fun. That is great. Can you share any of the other cool people? That movie didn't do well. So it's about time we give it its due. That's my opinion. We have someone here who knows a little something about that movie. What? Is Matt Damon here? No idea. Michael will talk to him. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you had the handsome one. Good, good. Nice recovery.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"Watch the delicious way this job seeker says he has been securing interviews.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42605458","title":"Man Reveals the Secret to Sweetest Resume Ever","url":"/GMA/video/man-reveals-secret-sweetest-resume-42605458"}