Manhunt Underway for Berlin Terror Suspect

Authorities are in search of the person who killed 12 people and injured dozens more by driving a loaded truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin.
2:20 | 12/21/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Manhunt Underway for Berlin Terror Suspect
In the meantime, we turn to that apparent terrorist attack in Berlin. A massive manhunt under way for the person who plowed through a Christmas market killing 12 people and injuring nearly 50 others. Let's begin there with ABC's Matt Gutman in Berlin for us. Matt, good morning. Reporter: Hey, good morning, David. German officials have released a man they detained right after that Christmas market attack which happened right behind me and as you mentioned that manhunt is massive and it means that there is one, possibly more terrorists on the loose and now we're learning that the forensic search is focusing on the cab of that semi truck. German authorities scrambling this morning after police released the suspect they detained shortly after the attack. German officials say the attacker is still at large and possibly armed. The semi bearing 50,000 pounds of steel from Italy was driven originally by a Polish driver seen here in CCTV footage at a diner on Monday. He was found dead in the truck's cab. Police say the terrorist hijacked the truck at this depot a few miles north of the Christmas market. The driver's cousin saying he saw the truck meandering on a gps device and knew something was wrong. The truck then sliced through the market at speed crushing stalls and people. A Christmas tree reportedly stopping the truck's progress after about 90 yards. But by then it had already killed 12 and left dozens wounded. ISIS claiming credit for these scenes of horror. In this recent message the group encouraged its supporters to use trucks to plow through public gatherings, German chancellor Angela Merkel calling it an act of terror visiting the smashed remnants of that market. That white powder covering the bloodstains and laying flowers. Despite the ISIS called to hit venues like the Christmas markets a cultural icon in Germany, Germans urged to go back to Normal and today Christmas market as cross the city open for the first time since the attack. Now, this may spell out how Germans feel today. This says fear in German. 60 of those markets are opening up for the first time since the attack under heavy security and one minister urging people to visit those markets and maybe to buy a Christmas angel.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Authorities are in search of the person who killed 12 people and injured dozens more by driving a loaded truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44320728","title":"Manhunt Underway for Berlin Terror Suspect","url":"/GMA/video/manhunt-underway-berlin-terror-suspect-44320728"}