'Mannies' On The Rise In New Trends for Child Care

Founder of 'NYC Mannies' says male babysitters do job just as well as a female nanny
3:00 | 11/30/13

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Transcript for 'Mannies' On The Rise In New Trends for Child Care
Lots of families are opting to hire mannies to watch their kids. And I found out firsthand about all they have to offer. She's the most iconic nanny of all-time. ♪ A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ Reporter: But now, it's time to say good-bye to mary poppins. And say hello to manny poppins. That's what sofia vergara's character, did on a recent episode of "modern family." Gloria, we're back? Let me lighten your load. Who are you? I'm the new manny. Am I being replaced? Reporter: What is a manny? We went to the source to find out. A manny is a male nanny. We call it a big brother. A mentor, a camp counselor. Reporter: John brandon is co-founder of nyc mannys. A guy-only manny agency, of 50 or so mannies that do the job as well as the female nanny most people are used to. Guys are great caregivers. They can be just as good with kids. So, I don't like to put a gender role on it. Reporter: Many moms agree. Especially those with particularly active kids that benefit from a more rough-and-tumble approach to child care. My personal preference is always young, enthusiastic and energetic because my daughter, that's what she likes. When it comes to male babysitters or mannies, whatever you want to call them, they try a little harder. They just make an extra effort to prove that they're awesome. Reporter: I decided to see how a manny will handle my 19-month-old son, jake. His regular nanny, charmen, was skeptical. But handed him over to john for an afternoon at an indoor playground. The other nannies and moms raised their eyebrows at first. But then, quickly came around. I must say, he's doing a really good job. And jake is very comfortable with him. Reporter: And jake? Well, he had a great time, too. Say good morning, america. Hi, mom. That's close enough. He almost got it right. He has a future. He does. John, the owner of nyc mannies came a nanny because he lost his father at a young age. He think it's important that kids have positive male role models in their life, as well. And starting at a young age, that they can bond with mannies. Looks like jake took to him.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Founder of 'NYC Mannies' says male babysitters do job just as well as a female nanny","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21056657","title":"'Mannies' On The Rise In New Trends for Child Care","url":"/GMA/video/mannies-rise-trends-child-care-21056657"}