Man's Trip Around the World Becomes Culinary Adventure

"Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection" author Allan Karl traveled 62,000 miles on his motorcycle through 35 countries.
2:41 | 05/26/14

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Transcript for Man's Trip Around the World Becomes Culinary Adventure
How do you do that. More on that later rments a new book. The culmination of one man's 62 -- this is incredible, 62,000-mile journey on a motorcycle. Alan Karl, the brother of Jon Karl, our white house guy. A sibling study because Jon doesn't seem like a motorcycle dude but his brother is and decided to share it with us. He wrote a book filled with stories, recipes and incredible words of wisdom from his trip all over the world many take a look. It was just after September 2001, Alan came to a major fork in the road, unsatisfied with his life and planned the opportunity of a lifetime. I thought I needed to take time to breathe, learn and explore and for me this trip was the time that I took for myself to heal, to learn more, again, about myself and about others R Karl, a longtime motorcycle enthusiast decided to go on the biggest trip of his life. I decided the ossetians I was holding on to so close really weren't that important anymore. What was more important are experiences. And I emptied out my entire house, sell it all, hop on that motorcycle. Reporter: Backing the bare minimum he traveled alone for the next three year, 62,000 miles, riding through 35 countries and f/64 continents. Leaving California he blazed up to the arctic, then back down to central America. Still wanting more he went on to travel through south America, Africa and the middle east. ? whether it's that muddy floor in Kenya or an executive's home in buenos aires it's there I connected with people and shared stories and learned and grew. Reporter: There were setbacks, mechanical issues with his bike and even a broken leg in Bolivia but never stopped him. I never really thought of cowing it quits. I set on thissjourney not only to see the world, document and photographs and write8 it but to learn pore about myself and certainly about the rest of the world. Reporter: Inko his self-published book "Forks" he documents his v:three-year journey and created a path for himself and hopes the book will give others the drive to do the same. Wow, what an incredible journey. Allan is a motivational speaker. Hoping to study to Iran and Pakistan and get a recipe. That became part of the adventure, we posted it all at our website, go to on Yahoo! And I think Jon Karl called in I'm sure. The headline, I don't think Jon Karl looks like the motorcycle type. Right, right. Yeah. That's just a day job. Coming up next we'll rock that perfect potato salad

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"\"Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection\" author Allan Karl traveled 62,000 miles on his motorcycle through 35 countries.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23868985","title":"Man's Trip Around the World Becomes Culinary Adventure","url":"/GMA/video/mans-trip-world-culinary-adventure-23868985"}