Small Schools Cause Big Upsets, Bust Brackets

March Madness lives up to its name after surprise wins in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Small Schools Cause Big Upsets, Bust Brackets
The upsetting weekend for college basketball fans. For some. That sound you hear is brackets shattering everywhere. March madness truly living up to its name. Gio Benitez with the story. Reporter: This morning, upset madness. Stanford has pulled off the upset. Reporter: Brarkt after bracket busted. The underdogs claiming victory. Mercer guard Kevin cantaveri showing off his moves. Dayton wins! Reporter: And the university of Dayton's president crowd-surfing after realizing his school had reached the sweet 16. Here's my bracket. I used statistical data. Not even the top pundits could pick this one. Dayton beat Syracuse after beating Ohio state. Stanford did just about the same. The crowd and the cow bell player going wild. We all want to say, how is this happening? In the end, you'll see very few of those teams advance to the next round. Reporter: There's this team, too. Toppling Virginia commonwealth over the weekend. Not a single person has the chance to win Warren Buffett's challenge. There are a lot of upsets. A lot of it has to do with the way the tournament was seeded. Reporter: Here is my full bracket. Let's roll it. I think we have a whole lot of Xs. And epic, epic sad face. But I'm still hoping for my home state, Florida, here. Not close to the billion-dollar briprize. You're final four is alive. You can brag at the watering hole. That's tricky, right? My final four is -- I can't even remember it. But, speaking of the beautiful game of basketball. Very special weekend for you. She was honored, robin was, by the Atlanta hawks, who recognized your battle, of course, with mds and all the work you have done to promote bone marrow donation. How important it is. You say that the hawks reached out to you, made sure you knew you were not fighting alone. They did. Al horford was there. Dominique Wilkins. People were swabbing. Be the match, getting tested. It was wonderful. I had great seats on the court. And free t-shirts for everyone. Swabbin' for robin. I got to see Sam. Oh! I got to see Sam! He sends his love to all. I'm sure he's getting blamed just as much. At the basketball game, Sam's

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"March Madness lives up to its name after surprise wins in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23031907","title":"Small Schools Cause Big Upsets, Bust Brackets","url":"/GMA/video/march-madness-2014-ncaa-bracket-busters-small-schools-23031907"}