March Madness 1st round saw some exciting game play

ESPN's Tony Reali reports on highlights in the 2017 tournament.
3:35 | 03/25/17

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Transcript for March Madness 1st round saw some exciting game play
??? Good good ??? Well, we had to wait a while but we finally got our buzzer beater, the first in this year's March Madness, the Florida gators beating the Wisconsin badgers in spectacular fashion, overtime, ESPN's Tony Reali with more on the teams making it to the elite eight. Reporter: This morning we have an elite eight. But not before a touch of madness. Showalter. Oh! Reporter: In the first overtime game of the tournament a nail-biter between Wisconsin and Florida. The badgers forcing overtime with this incredible three-pointer from Zack Showalter. My goodness. Reporter: Then in overtime seemingly snagging the win with two free threes with four seconds left but then this. Chioza. Reporter: A buzzer beater, the first of the tournament. You can't make this stuff up. Reporter: Along with Florida, the dance continuing for Kentucky. In for two. Reporter: What a night for the Carolinas. Nice look to Jackson. Reporter: Unc on their quest for redemption after ending last year as a runner-up cruising to a 92-08 win over butler and surprising South Carolina, a seven seed going up big early never looking back. This is for three. Yes! Reporter: Surging to a 20-point win over Baylor. Tony Reali joining us from D.C., scared to ask what your bracket looks like so let's move on to the elite eight. You can ask me what my bracket looks like. I got it right here. A lot of red. It looks like olaf. How great is ha? My artwork is getting better, does it not? Let's move on to the elite eight. Who do you like. Good to be a Florida gator right now. The way they won yesterday. Our first thriller of the tournament. They had the length of the floor in four seconds. This happened at about 12:45 A.M. Local at Madison square garden. They looked good. Kentucky and the way they pulled away from UCLA yesterday was the most anticipated game of the tournament. Wildcats really made a statement and they're peaking at the right time. UCLA freshman Lonzo ball after the game announced he was going straight to the NBA. So a bit of news as well but nobody has looked like Kansas. Jayhawks have to be the favorite averaging 96 points a game and Oregon will have their hands full with the jayhawks. Okay, a lot of game that a lot are anticipating Xavier. This is the David versus goliath. Xavier the 11 seed taking on Gonzaga, number one. Gonzaga so used to being Cinderella. Xavier has to be considered send Cinderella right now. Their number one fan, bill Murray, having a great fan. He is a cubs fan, he is a Xavier fan so for Gonzaga, a game they had never won before. Never been to the final four. They'll have to play better than they did the last game and play their best of the tournament. Hopefully Bill Murray will be in the stands for that. Tony, we hope to check in tomorrow. Great drawing. How about my artwork. Give me the thumb's up on my artwork? I have to give you an eight out of ten but definitely hit it out of the park, you're looking dapper. I have a vested interest in the show. I rescind my compliment. You are better than ha. Is that part of the hazing. Not at all. He passed a long time ago. Ron Claiborne, you're better than that, Tony. Whoa, whoa. No, no, no. All right. Tony, we'll see you tomorrow. You're looking great. Coming up on "Gma," your summer

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"ESPN's Tony Reali reports on highlights in the 2017 tournament.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46370367","title":"March Madness 1st round saw some exciting game play","url":"/GMA/video/march-madness-2017s-round-exciting-game-play-46370367"}