Mark Hamill reveals 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' script left him 'stunned'

The actor, who plays Luke Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' franchise, talked to 'GMA' about the upcoming film.
5:22 | 11/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Hamill reveals 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' script left him 'stunned'
Skywalker is here and Amy is here with me. Hi, stranger. Missed you. The original "Star wars" star, mark Hamill, joins us. How incredible. We didn't see you until the final moments of "The force awakens" what was your reaction when you found out you were returning for one scene. I thought this is the most elaborate entrance of my career. Everybody talks about me for two hours. I'm reading it thinking -- I kept marking down Skywalker is too powerful. Everybody is talking about me. It was a shock. It was a big surprise but I think there are much bigger surprises in "The last jedi." The most important line he says this is not going to go the way you think. Oh, wow. When I read the script I was stunned. These films now are being made by people that were children when the first films came out. They're the generation that grew up and as fans and now are in charge of the franchise and it's just wonderful to be associated with something that makes people so happy and is escapism. You know, people want to get away from -- we don't want real life. It's too harsh and that's what I'm in. I'm in the escapism business. But you've been at this since 1977 so what made you come back for this new generation of flips? Well, it was kind of intimidating because we never expected that -- we thought if they do another trilogy it wouldn't involve any of our characters. It would be all new characters. So I thought, well, it's all or nothing. It's got to be Harrison and Carrie and all of us. I said, well, Harrison will never do it. He's so accomplished and, you know, I thought for sure that he would say no. When I read in the paper he signed for Harrison Ford I said to my wife, well, I've been drafted. Me too. There's no turning it down now. You mentioned Carrie fisher. She makes her final appearance in this latest film. Oh, Carrie. You all were friends for 40 years. Yeah. How would you describe your relationship with Carrie? It was -- it was intense because we blew hot and cold. We hate to admit we were more like each other than we would have said ourselves, in fact, when we found out we were twins we both went, are you kidding me? You're just doing this to top the -- I thought you guys were romantic. It really bothered me. What, they're brother and sister. Imagine how I felt. I mean -- it was like the worst good news/bad news joke in the universe. The good news is there is a really attractive young woman in the universe. Bad news she's your sister! It was horrible. You have a son Nathan. Now, Nathan, when he was born you were just into these movies but how was it for him? For your kids to grow up with their dad as Luke Skywalker. He was born in England when we were making "Empire strikes back" so has two passports. Oh, there he is. He's the most passionate "Star wars" fan in my family. Griffin likes it but he's like, he likes David Cronin berg films better and Chelsea is also a fan and she's also my personal assistant and so, you know, I keep my family together. But, you know, I heard on a sleepover the boys talking, you know, with their friends and their friends were saying, it must be so cool to have Luke as your father and Nathan goes, Luke Skywalker doesn't tell you to clean up your room. And do your homework. Amazing. Speaking of son, by the way, speaking of being a dad, the internet is obsessed with your look-alike. Sebastian Stan. You've even called him your son. He had a message for you that we're going to play right now. Oh, yeah. Dad, hey, I know, I think the beard looks good, you know. I was sort of thinking of looking at your picture but I'm pretty good with it now. Anyway I want to let you know I got eggs and everything in the fridge so when you get home you should be all good. Ah. Wow. Do you see the resemblance. At first I said he's way too handsome to be compared to me. Really? But, you know, then they morphed us together and I thought that is kind of spooky but he's a wonderful actor. People say will you support him to be, you know the young Luke Skywalker when they make those movies and I thought, he doesn't need me. He's an accomplished enough actor to get it on his own and I shouldn't put my thumb on the scale because it's not my choice. It's Disney and lucasfilm, you know, I don't want to, you know, cut short any other potential Lukes but -- Definitely a contender. Oh, yeah and I would love to work with him. I could play his father any day. We're glad you came here to work with us today and talk about the movie. And "Star wars: The last jedi" flies into theaters December 15th. Mark Hamill, everybody.

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{"id":51477263,"title":"Mark Hamill reveals 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' script left him 'stunned'","duration":"5:22","description":"The actor, who plays Luke Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' franchise, talked to 'GMA' about the upcoming film.","url":"/GMA/video/mark-hamill-reveals-star-wars-jedi-script-left-51477263","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}