Martha Stewart Raves About Her Drone

The domestic diva praises the use of her very own drone she received as a birthday gift.
2:15 | 07/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Martha Stewart Raves About Her Drone
We're back at 7:41 with Martha Stewart who's speaking out about her love for drones. The domestic diva received one as a birthday present and raved about it an essay she wrote about in "Time" magazine. Linsey Davis has more. Reporter: Martha Stewart's devotion to drones going viral. Well, there's a real buzz in the air. Can you hear it? Reporter: The lifestyle guru writing a blog for "Time" magazine titled "Why I love my drone" saying drones can be useful tools and I am all about useful tools but useful for what? Why taking breathtaking aerials of her 153-acre New York estate, of course. Fabulous pictures, by the way. Reporter: The domestic diva's trusty drone capturing these images of her expansive groups, flower gardens, green and guest house, check out her horses. Not to mention that magnificent mansion. The homemaking guru writing imagine what Louis xiv could have accomplished at versailles if he'd had one and Stewart is not the only one drawn to the devices. Michael bey seen here on instagram assembling one and businesses like Amazon announcing plans to deploy them. The fascination with drones is that they can see what we can't. And anyone can use it. You can hook it up to your iPhone and you can go up to like 900 feet. Reporter: But Stewart acknowledges the popular gadgets that the world spends an estimated $5 billion on Amelie do raise questions about safety and privacy. Tweeting that they're controversial but fabulous. Controversial, indeed. The FAA investigating an unmanned aircraft operation reportedly used to film this new York congressman's wedding last month. And police in Seattle now pushing for new laws against drones after one man took his for a spin around the city's space needle just last week. A hobby Stewart clearly enjoys pursuing. Stewart says she used it to film party, a day at the beach, a hike in the woods and other properties and asked by "Vanity fair" what her neighbors thought of it. She said, oh, I don't have neighbors. Not on 150 acres. Must be nice. Good answer. It's good to be Martha stewa

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{"id":24786086,"title":"Martha Stewart Raves About Her Drone","duration":"2:15","description":"The domestic diva praises the use of her very own drone she received as a birthday gift.","url":"/GMA/video/martha-stewart-raves-drone-24786086","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}