Martin MacNeil's Daughter to Testify Against Him

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the trial of a Utah doctor accused of killing his wife.
4:46 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for Martin MacNeil's Daughter to Testify Against Him
We're going to bring in our legal team now. Abc news chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. And there in atlanta, nancy grace. Host of "nancy grace" on hln. Good to have you both. Dan, starting with you here in the studio. We talked about this last week about the older daughters, not really ever standing by their father. And now, going to testify. This is the daughter who has been less suspicious. The other daughters, long suspicious. And it was rachel who came to believe that the facts started coming out, as her father started talking to her afterwards. She later came to believe he did this. It's not as if these girls went into it trying to figure out a way that their dad would be guilty. It was just the opposite, which is everything that this girl learned, as time went on, said to herself, this man that i idolized, this man I followed, this man, for my whole life i looked up to, was the one who killed my mother. Nancy, it's never a good thing when the daughters are against the father, who's on trial right here. No way of spinning that to be a good thing. Well, it's never a good thing for the defense. And we're expecting blockbuster testimony in that provo courtroom. Rachel, we hear a lot about eda, the 6-year-old, now, 12, that found her mom's body in a blue jogging suit face-up in the family bathtub, eyes open, looking up, hair going down the drain. But rachel is also going to be a very, very important witness. She was an older daughter at the time. She is a dental hygienist in salt lake city. And if you comb over her preliminary testimony, you learn that her father was her favorite. She idolized him. Unlike some of the others who loved the mom most. And this is very difficult for her. And a fact that has not come out yet, I learned it in the preliminary transcript, is that rachel is the one, when the NEIGHBORS AND THE E.M.T.s ARRIVE On the scene, her clothes are gone, her -- the towels, no towels for her to take a bath with. Rachel finds the bloody, soaked towels and clothes hidden in the garage. And that was done before the E.M.T.s GOT THERE AND BEFORE THE Neighbors got there, which means MacNEILL CLEANED UP THE SCENE Before anybody got there. He was not doing cpr. Let's remember, we're talking about little eda, a 6-year-old at a hearing today, to determine how much testimony can they get from her now, 12 years old. But if you believe the prosecution, it wasn't just that she stumbled upon the scene. IT WAS THAT martin MacNeill set it up so that his little 6-year-old could come upon her dead mother. I mean, that's the part about this that I don't think is talked about enough. The idea that he may have set this up so that this little girl could come upon the mom in the bathtub, so he could figure out a way out of this. That's why it's not just the emotional testimony of a now-12-year-old. She's going to provide important testimony as to exactly what position her mother was in. What clothing she was wearing, et cetera. What's your take on little eda? We have to wait until the judge meets with her, in that preliminary hearing before she can testify. That's an interesting point right there because the defense is trying to keep her testimony out. Now, she's 12. And the reason they're trying to keep her testimony out, they're saying she's being coached by the sisters and that she will lie. But the law is this. It's black and white letter of the law. She can testify but that she can be cross-examined on whether she has been coached. And the sisters can, too. But to keep her testimony out is against the rules of evidence. Her testimony is coming in. You have to be very careful. You know, dan, there's one more thing, dan, about eda's testimony. You were describing that she found her mom on her back. And she drowned on her back, which is very difficult to drown that way. But the father gave a completely different story. He told several people that he found her completely naked, leaning over the faucet, as if -- sometimes women wash their hair in the faucet just leaning over. He found her like that. Their stories -- they cannot coincide. They cannot jibe together. Somebody's lying. And I guarantee you, it's not the 6-year-old. At some point. There is always, nancy. Thank you. One thing that's been consistent -- good to see you, nancy. His odd behavior has been consistent. And consistently implicates him. Let's go back over to sam

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the trial of a Utah doctor accused of killing his wife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20666992","title":"Martin MacNeil's Daughter to Testify Against Him","url":"/GMA/video/martin-macneil-murder-trial-daughter-testify-20666992"}