Martin Scorsese Talks About His Upcoming Film 'Silence'

The critically acclaimed director discusses his new film and reflects on his career.
3:59 | 01/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Martin Scorsese Talks About His Upcoming Film 'Silence'
Right now we want to talk about Oscar winning director martin scorsese, though, a maverick behind the camera and in the way he is inspiring generations of filmmakers and movie fans alike. I had the chance to go one-on-one with him as he revealed the secrets to some of his greatest films including his latest, "Silence." It seems to me that our mission here is more urgent than ever. We must go find father. Reporter: His new film "Silence" is the tale of two Christian missionaries searching for their lost mentor, a film he's been trying to make for 28 years. I mean for me it's the struggle every day between faith and doubt, you know. And this is based on your own -- I think so. That's one of the reasons I could not get -- I couldn't figure out how to do it. I still am but at least this has been expressed somehow. Reporter: That struggle for director scorsese was a personal theme. You were supposed to be a priest. I tried for a year and preparatory seminary but I was invited to leave at the end of that year, yes. I was very bad in my studies and behavior. Lucky for us. I realized you have -- vocation is a real vocation, you have to really know what it is before you get involved with it. Reporter: It's his other career path, that of prolific filmmaker that made him a household name. A shot that is here. We caught up with him at the museum of moving imagine side the new exhibit dedicated to his iconic career. I'm looking around here, 50 years. Oh, my god. Of moviemaking. What do you hope that the folks who get the chance to see this exhibit take away? Well, I don't know, I'm looking over there and see these little drawings and that's what I started doing as a kid. Reporter: The director famously sketches many of his own story board, something he started doing it, believe it or not when he was 11 years old. So this movie is called "The eternal city." Oh, yeah, it's Rome. And is there a shot it will ever get finished. I don't know. It's pretty big. These days you can't -- since Ridley Scott made "Gladiator" you never know. Do you have a favorite. I don't think I do. I guess the initial explosions sort of speak was "Mean streets." There ain't nothing wrong with me. I'm feeling fine. Keep your mouth shut. Great collaborators on that, Harvey keitel. That began everything, the one that -- How many more you got in you. I don't know. I don't know. I was thinking, who knows. I'd like to do one more with de Niro called "The irishman" in and maybe Al pacino for the first time. Yeah. What is it about Robert de Niro to work with. We're both adolescents together in the lower east side. He knows the world I came from, the roots. He's the only one. There is a certain reaction to a word or a movement and he'll know where it comes from and we just look at each other. You talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here. I like this shot of you and Leo from "The wolf of wall Street" you look like you're praying. Oh, yeah. Yes. Yeah. What were you praying for. To get through this. My name is Jordan bellford. The year I turned 26 I made $49 million. What is it about Leonardo Dicaprio? There's 30 years difference but has a similar sensible. I found it comforting to work with him, you know. Finding someone, the new generation that I feel that comfortable with, well, explore it. Reporter: Finally let's explore his last name, the correct pronunciation, once and for all. Originally it's scorsese. But then they changed 9 name and spelling in 1920. But how do you want people -- Scorsese is the way I say it. Thank you. I'm like -- you don't even know. This has been such a treat. A true treat and "Silence" is in theaters now.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"The critically acclaimed director discusses his new film and reflects on his career. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44748374","title":"Martin Scorsese Talks About His Upcoming Film 'Silence'","url":"/GMA/video/martin-scorsese-talks-upcoming-film-silence-44748374"}