Mary J. Blige Talks Overcoming Heartbreak and New Single 'Thick of It'

The singer opens up about her divorce and shares advice for women on how to protect their money and themselves.
6:08 | 11/16/16

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Transcript for Mary J. Blige Talks Overcoming Heartbreak and New Single 'Thick of It'
Mary J., Mary J. Blige. That's her hot new single "Thick of it" and it is great to have her live in the studio with us. We'll talk to her in just a moment. You know that she is in the middle of a big tour with Maxwell and has been an emotional time for Mary J. As well. We'll talk about that and she'll sing for us later but first ABC's linsey Davis has the details. ??? Let's get it krunked ??? ??? I got the beat on my find ??? ??? I'm going down ??? Reporter: She's the queen of hip-hop soul selling more than 50 million albums worldwide. ??? Reporter: Her soaring vocals and emypowering anthems have made Mary J. Blige a household name. ??? Reporter: But now the nine-time grammy award winner is engulfed in an emotional and bitter divorce battle with her husband and manager of 12 years kendu Isaacs. ??? headlines she's played to powerful effect in her own concerts. ??? Stay with you baby ??? Reporter: As always blige shares her pain with her fans by belting it out. ??? We're in the thick of things ??? Reporter: And with a new single hitting the charts she's now revealing the details of her struggle for the first time. For "Good morning America," linsey Davis, ABC news, new York. Your new album called "Strength of a woman." This is a strong woman. Please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, Mary J. Blige. Mrs. Thank you. Thank you, robin. Do you feel the love. Yes, I do. I know it has been a very emotional time for you and you shared what you have been able to. Your fans want to know how is your heart? How are you doing right now. My heart is okay. I'm hanging in there, I mean, this is just no one wants to go through this and this is hard. And I mean I'm hanging in there. As best you can. Yeah. You are going through it. Yeah. What was the moment? What was the time that you said I can't do this anymore? I ve have to make a change? I mean the breaking point was when I kept asking over and over and over again for respect and to be respected and it just seems like I was beating a dead horse and seems like I was talking to a wall or I just wasn't getting it back so, you know, if -- if I can't get respect in the relationship then I must -- I have to move on to save myself. That was the point where I was like, I'm done. I just can't do it anymore. Can't do it anymore. Your music, Mary, and I have to tell you has helped a lot of people through heartache and heartbreak. What has gotten -- what is getting you through this time? What is getting me through is god, is prayer, is my family, people that love me, my fans. Just me being healthy and me loving myself the way I do, taking care of myself and just getting that self-awareness that is, you know, put me in a place where I can see things clearer. You know, this is what is getting me through. We all can get lost at certain times in our journey. Absolutely. And to get that back and we've heard that your soon-to-be ex is asking for almost $130,000 a month in spousal support. What is your message to women especially in this business how to protect themselves, protect their money, protect everything about themselves? Well, my message to those women that, you know, are going through the same thing that I'm going through or similar situation is that you have to -- you cannot rely on people to handle your business. You have to handle your business. You have to take responsibility and stay on top of it because things like this will happen if you don't. And just know and be -- and surround yourself with good people that can help you. Surround yourself with good people and, of course, you need people that will help you, but they can't do everything for you. You have to be in the mix of it. You have to be knowing that. Maxwell, this tour, I've heard from friends in saying how powerful it is and he is such a beautiful person. How has the music and being on tour been cathartic to you. Man, I mean, it's been so cathartic for me. It's been so healthy for me because this is where I bring all my pain. I bring it to the stage. I bring everything and my fans are there and they come to the show with all of their issues or trials and tribulations and this is where we are healing, you know, we're getting better and we leave -- they leave out of the building feeling great and I go get on my bus, you know, feeling better, you know, than I did before I got on stage so it's definitely a place where we heal together and we grow, you know. It's all about growth and we grow through your music. I mean, "Thick of it," "Strength of a woman," those lyrics, Michael Strahan said he plays your music -- he used to play it before he got out on the gridiron so gets us through a difficult time and I'm glad it's getting you through your time too. Yeah, I have to stay strong and I have to be the strength for myself. I had to save myself and I'm saving myself now. You know, I can't, you know -- I am glad you are and we're glad you're going to sing for us. It's tough to sing in the morning, isn't it? Yes. Where are you? We heard you rehearsing and you're going to be singing for us in the last half hour but thank you for sharing. Robin, thank you. Continue blessings. Thank you. Mary j.'s new single "Thick of it" is out now and she'll be performing as we said live just ahead.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"The singer opens up about her divorce and shares advice for women on how to protect their money and themselves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43565508","title":"Mary J. Blige Talks Overcoming Heartbreak and New Single 'Thick of It'","url":"/GMA/video/mary-blige-talks-overcoming-heartbreak-single-thick-43565508"}