It's a Mask-erade: Why Face Masks Are All the Rage

ABC News' Eva Pilgrim and Dr. Whitney Bowe share tips on how to pick the best face mask for your skin type.
3:27 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for It's a Mask-erade: Why Face Masks Are All the Rage
Time to take you behind the beauty counter this morning for unmasking face masks. So many time for all skin types. Hard to know what to choose. Over the counter doesn't mean that it's bad. Pricey doesn't mean that it's good. Reporter: It's not a typical office visit or a support group. Look for the ingredient and address your trouble zone. Reporter: It's a masquerade. The mask. Not just for soup heroes. So many to choose from. Hundreds if not thousands of masks made from gels, creams, rubber. That mask comes off with magnet. We're seeing so many more innovati innovations. We're excited to play with them. Reporter: Helping to drive the craze, sheet masks from Korea. Celebrities from lady gaga, January Jones. Chrissy Teigen. In Korea, they have a very skin first philosophy. They invest time, money, and care. They start at a young age. Reporter: My Korean mother was no exception. She didn't mask her desire for me to take care of my skin. I wear masks all the time in public. I don't have too much shame. What are you hoping to see from the mask? I want to look refreshed. Reporter: You're not looking for it to change your face? I would like to look 21 again. A younger crowd is getting into that. It's great skin care. Everybody wants to look good so later on down the line we don't have to visit our friend the plastic surgeon. Mask is the unsung hero of skin care. Reporter: The key, choose one right for your skin type. Oily skin, clay or kaolin. Dry skin, the essential ingreed yen is a hydration ingredient. One more thing. Never want anybody to feel like access to good skin care is an exclusive thing that only people who are very wealthy can have. That's what I like about the masks. You can get good skin scare for a decent price point. I'm seriously obsessed. As are celebrities. Taking a shine to the high-tesk light masks. Lena Dunham found a lower cost alternate alternative. I have one right here. Kind of feel like a storm trooper. It matches my dress. That does match your dress. We have Dr. Whitney Bowe with us by popular demapd. Yes. So it looks a little bit like science fiction. This device is a combination of red and blue light. Light therapy can be therapeutic to your skin. I have a version of this in hi office. These at-home devices are safe when used as directed. But don't expect a result overnight. You get what you pay for. There's so much we can find in

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"ABC News' Eva Pilgrim and Dr. Whitney Bowe share tips on how to pick the best face mask for your skin type.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44588351","title":"It's a Mask-erade: Why Face Masks Are All the Rage","url":"/GMA/video/maskerade-face-masks-rage-44588351"}