Massive Hail, Tornadoes Threaten the South

Strong winds and wild storms put Texas and Louisiana on high alert.
1:31 | 04/27/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Massive Hail, Tornadoes Threaten the South
To that dangerous weather putting the south on high alert this morning. A tornado watch in Texas and Louisiana right now after powerful storms swept through overnight. ABC's kendis Gibson is in Rio vista, Texas, with the latest. Good morning, kendis. Reporter: Good morning and take a look at this. This really shows you the power of the storm that swept through this area. The winds knocking over this truck weighs tons on to its side. It made for a restless night around here. Overnight, wild weather throughout Texas and the gulf coast. Tornado right behind me. Reporter: Tornadoes popping up across the lone star state. Plowing through Rio vista flooding streets. Strong winds flipping cars into ditches and this tractor trailer on its side. Emergency crews in Rio vista working around the clock clearing roads and this gas station scan pi that blew over train tracks. This time-lapsed video from WFAA in Dallas showing ominous storm clouds approaching. Big tornado. Oh, wow. Reporter: In stephenville this funnel cloud touching down in the distance. Baseball-size hail pummeling roads. Oh, wow. Reporter: That hail coming down in nearby Dublin, as well. Spotters say there was definitely a tornado in this area. In the meantime, local officials plan to assess the damage with the daylight hours and get that cleanup work under way. George. A lot to do.

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"Strong winds and wild storms put Texas and Louisiana on high alert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30607524","title":"Massive Hail, Tornadoes Threaten the South","url":"/GMA/video/massive-hail-tornadoes-threaten-south-30607524"}