McDonald's announces 'exclusive' straws for Chocolate Shamrock Shake

Plus, the "GMA" anchors reveal how the color of food may impact what you eat and discuss the tradition of asking for a parent's blessing before proposing marriage.
5:44 | 02/17/17

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Transcript for McDonald's announces 'exclusive' straws for Chocolate Shamrock Shake
I am. I haven't even got to the reason we're toasting this morning with this chocolate shamrock shake. Now, how many of you have ordered a shake like this and you get a little upset when you don't get the perfect sip? Like when you don't get the mix of the chocolate and the mint and all these other things where McDonald's came up with a solution, no solution for your spilling, George. A solution for the shake. The straw. Check out the straw. Yes. So when you get one sip, you get both flavors in one sip. I did, though. That's so true. Did you try it? I got chocolate and mint. I haven't had a McDonald's shake in a long time. Me either. Really well. You're getting the perfect proportion. They went deep and enlisted anary rowspace -- you did it again? Mine was melting on its own. You did that to yours. Yes. Be a big boy today, George. You got this, buddy. But a lot of things went into this. They enlisted an aerospace and robotics engineering company to come up with this. It's limited. Okay. So you have to find out where and when they're having on the website McDonald's website when they'll have these shakes and when the straws will be available. I'm happy they made them strong enough to take them home and use them again. Super green of you. Super green. Now, George, you're a mess, but anyway -- We're staying with science and food and it's about food color and what colors make you want to eat more and, Amy is now proving my point. It turns out yellow foods make you happy. Yes. Sort of yellow. That's why you can't stop eating it. It's my brain. I can't help it. Because they feel like nothing. That's the white. That's the popcorn. And the marshmallows. People think it's empty of calories. It is. It's popcorn. What about -- Not the yellow butter. When I look at apples and a cherry, I feel like it's flavorful. And the deeper the color the sweeter you think it is which is why they color those apples. Except when it comes to black food. Which is gross. If you want to eat less of something -- you don't like black licorice. I really like it. If you want to eat less take the black version which makes sense. People associate it with sickness, death. I enjoy my black licorice. On that they're saying move on, move on. We don't want to talk about sickness and death. This is really interesting. There have been -- we had on the show a couple of marriage proposals but I want to poll the audience. How many think a man should ask the father first before asking for his daughter's hand in marriage? So, a lot of you do. Well, it's interesting because there is now, you know, people are looking back to what went behind that tradition. It's a lovely tradition. I think everyone can say that it is but when you think about why that happened, people say, hey, dates back to a time when women didn't have a choice and women married really young so the deal was done between the -- When the father kind of owned -- Women were property basically so a lot of women are saying, hey, don't ask for my father's permission because he has nothing to did with it. It's my decision not his and I kind of get that. I think you should ask both parents. The way I look at it is the people that love this person the most, like your daughters, you're coming in and saying we're joining and I'll take care of this person, man or woman, whatever your preference is and they're going to be okay on my watch and I think it's a respect thing to say -- I agree. I'm going to take care of. I raise my hand but don't mean it. I don't think you have to ask but give a heads-up. Ask for their blessing. I think that's exactly it. Max asked my dad and when he was done, when I found out we were engaged I said I wish you would have asked my mom too but my dad made it hard on him. He goes, could you handle a no? And max was like his whole body -- I had to pick on him later. Dad, what were you doing? He said, I just had to have a moment. But it's true, though. I don't think -- I think as a man you assume if you're going to ask the parents or the woman that she's going to say yes so I think it's good that your dad did that because my daughter may say no. Back in the day it felt like you owned your daughter. My daughters own me. I don't own them. But I've already -- I thought about that and it's going to be a -- We're a ways away. But I want the guy to come and talk to me. Come talk to me and I still want to be young enough to intimidate him. That's what I want. You're a hall of famer. You have that for the rest of your life. Wear all your rings. Yeah. Oh, boy, we're all softies at the end and just want our kids to be happy.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Plus, the \"GMA\" anchors reveal how the color of food may impact what you eat and discuss the tradition of asking for a parent's blessing before proposing marriage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45552780","title":"McDonald's announces 'exclusive' straws for Chocolate Shamrock Shake","url":"/GMA/video/mcdonalds-announces-exclusive-straws-chocolate-shamrock-shake-45552780"}