McDonald's Reveals Exactly How Your Beloved Fries Are Made

This step-by-step video show how McDonald's makes their signature French fries.
4:33 | 01/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for McDonald's Reveals Exactly How Your Beloved Fries Are Made
After graduating college or to lot of late nights as an engineer and when I got to work the only thing that was opened was McDonald's. My favorite thing was Fries but. Singh is. I stopped eating them. I felt guilty about eating their food so that's why when they asked me to help me find answers as little skeptical at first then I thought. Maybe this is a chance to get to the truth. As an engineer I normally take a bunch of components and put them together to form a machine. Any machine can be deconstruct it. By looking at the assembly process in reverse. You can get a better idea how it's made. And that's when gonna do with McDonald's french fries and then reverse engineer the whole process. Will start to fully finished frying and in the end hopefully. I'll have a potato that came straight out of the ground. It's a Coca I've been asked by people aren't surprising and made out of potatoes. Are paid you know ground up and bush intent fry shaped. During that plane died inherited they were gonna take you through the whole process weakening for you have your answer OK Ron and Mary and all the way back in the beginning yes. Let the freezing it's not all I got to the king ace looked like potatoes. But I think really dictate us. Let's check out the rest of the crap that time. So this bold. Name is the freezer tunnel. Yet about fifty yards and laying. Said the Fries go ahead I'm Verizon may come out prohibit what about me when a pilot Atlanta signing him at the end there it it's. Gonna. So what's before freezing. So these are actually brought out their parks early Friday and then the final preparation is done at the restaurant. Why do you parsley fry them well we want to think Philly get back Chris the outer well yes. I liked that part back so before they are partially fri eight what happened. It's this is the ingredient that's where we could roll the color. And while adding that the throat and apple took her debate here that we get tickets then then Tyler no matter what whether they hear it. Also a study a map that I Arafat they what does that. That's gonna make good any can throw the graying after praising that this is. All about maintaining. Consistency. All throughout this process that. Has no wonder that the prize always taste the say they always made really hear it. Let's keep gone back. I cut ghosts in here is big black. Now I've been asked by people to show them the machine where you take that match defecated U eight U. Injecting it into these moles in order to make the perfect French Fries. Don't unite here me I don't get it all with NATO summit at a gas and then I see this thing that that looks like a cannon. It work that I'd get panic room lighting up the ticket doesn't do with high pressure water and heating oil water I fear it didn't adding we'll. And I bet. How fast they fired room air that it at seventy miles per hour. It's a cocoa where does the ammo for the potato gun come from let's go out. Surveys are all the potatoes have again maybe some of these very news balances biggest my forearm. Are you using CMOs potatoes. No we don't you feel suffocated her McDonald's riot but we these different varieties Philly aggressive Burbank in the pillow. The dinner there just like people they come in different shapes and sizes. A couple of at they're all beautiful they're all beautiful. So I met all through this factory and I see the potatoes come off the tracks. I got one final question. What does this come from. So all around us under these kinds. Of violent makes Mac Fries and a bit of eye and delaying its third day in. My doing good he's doing well. Like these very. Like the worst is spirit. Eleanor this it right. C a real details this is where it all begins. See you wanted to know where McDonald's Fries come from or spirit even made out of potatoes so into sim plot. I went back where's the whole process saw exactly how they're made and Trace it all the way back to hear. To this. Potato. Pretty simple I know you have questions I have questions do to keep asking and I'll find the answers.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"This step-by-step video show how McDonald's makes their signature French fries.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28384585","title":"McDonald's Reveals Exactly How Your Beloved Fries Are Made","url":"/GMA/video/mcdonalds-reveals-beloved-fries-made-28384585"}