In Medieval Combat, Knights Battle For Glory

This is no re-enactment. Competitors don armor and swords to compete in 14th century-style.
6:53 | 08/08/14

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Transcript for In Medieval Combat, Knights Battle For Glory
On this battlefield in Spain. The weapons are real men are -- yeah. Instead of cheering from the ramparts of women are competing for the very first time it's the -- new. -- sports and USA -- America's team fighting for gold at the it's easier over O'Neal in the dust and travel far for this very singular -- they Levy great. -- -- -- Use your strengths -- your request individual tactics what do I do have alleged. Knock somebody to the ground. Nightline was granted unprecedented access to the team following them for five months as they prepare to take on the world once you step outside the borders of this country you are the United States to. Leading his army team captain Andres -- His military background in -- the team with that courtly values about -- donated. You all are. National team. The United States of America that's something beef product there are over seventy aspirants Amy Grant is one of six women trying out this is your Olympics. -- and -- that he knows who can't vote. I actually I cry every patriotic song and -- like it just needs to be. But don't mistake your pride for weakness Amy there's real armor and carries his steal weapons designed to kill. These are too emotional. -- weapons we're out -- to do some damage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about someone could get seriously hurt when -- unless of course we do everything we can. All the edges on these weapons have to be at least two millimeters wide. The tips have to be rounded off so that -- -- sharp edges that -- paltry. -- -- -- Can cause them to pay. Can't wait eighty -- -- back I've seen individuals with the helmet caved in along with their head -- -- fingers cut off. I've seen guys take the Helm offers no teeth left their heads -- open. -- the last tournament Amy suffered a bruised hip and a scary concussions fighting Lisa her most experienced rival. -- -- -- -- fighting together. Federal home from -- it's against the breeding grounds. With a winner. It's a big ball and the -- Adrenaline and love love love. Like chocolate that can be. Everything all eleven to one. -- framing this is just the latest challenge on her own personal Odyssey this is what she looked like seven years ago. I was over more than fifty pounds I stopped weighing myself into the confined scale having enough for me. Where are you not to get there. Had a gastric bypass seven years ago I can only -- Like two ounces at a time which is actually very hard for this sport I run out of fuel. But the sport has helped you continue to lose weight yes when they announced that women were possibly going to be able to fight I started training two hours -- night. It's -- what has done for your weight loss I dropped about forty pounds just by doing this. The festival's Damien degrasse is another unlikely combatants at Columbia and Harvard grad -- -- the broken back in army's training. Of the -- like the air for -- pain pills and walking wounded -- -- with my -- persistent. Having him back together again. After lengthy rehab you'd think he'd be more cautious but like his teammates he's inexplicably drawn to the camaraderie and the carnage I have to. Do this we've got guys from all walks of life we've got lawyers there's a couple of doctors college students guys that -- gas stations this is truly. The United States to. Nearly 800 spectators crowd below -- -- -- grown cattle yard. To cheer on Damian and the others broken up into melee teams as -- battle for their spots on the national team. Marches through the competition. And makes it to the find -- just against the Eagles. Where they face off against a team -- with the best fighters. Now it's time for the final event I've -- they've made his team has made -- they got the red outfits with the white -- there about the head out to the battlefield. First swords and lose ground war in in the second. -- in his corner. -- -- -- -- -- Then -- faces off against Lisa Lisa del lose the super technical players singled moving through beaver concussions. And she struggled to hold off the more experienced right. Better but not broken -- is gracious in defeat. And before -- the winner huge surprise for months and. When it happened. -- we live these next few days. Like men and women of -- spirits. Emotions is still -- months later as proud knights take the battlefield in Spain. Amy -- in the USA -- eternal weight challenge after challenge. Cheered on by a crowd of 101000. This journey -- very well. That there are some who are stronger and and the woman behind one day after the trophies. Braver than. We're still. -- battled through so much to get. But -- will be more worthy than us for Nightline and its friends in Springfield.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"This is no re-enactment. Competitors don armor and swords to compete in 14th century-style.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24899130","title":"In Medieval Combat, Knights Battle For Glory","url":"/GMA/video/medieval-combat-knights-battle-glory-24899130"}