Meet the People Who Found Meditation With Dan Harris' Book

The ABC News anchor's book "10% Happier" helps people discover the power of mediation.
3:44 | 01/03/15

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Transcript for Meet the People Who Found Meditation With Dan Harris' Book
Well, it's a new year, and for many of us, that means setting resolutions. I have several I'm setting. At this very moment. At this moment. If you are looking for potentially game-changing one, I have a suggestion for you and for you. This is something I discovered after embarrassing mishaps in my life. And publicly admitting those mistakes was one of the best things I have ever done. Here's how. Dan, this is a gripping book. Reporter: Ten months ago I took a big risk. I decided to tell a very personal and very embarrassing story about how when I was a young reporter, I went to war Zones -- just seconds ago this command post took sniper fire. When I got home, I blindly and self-medicated with recreational drugs, including cocaine and exit is ay. Producing this panic attack on live television in 2004. May lower their cancer. But too early to describe. That led me to finding meditation, which I thought was ridiculous, but I later learned is a scientifically validated form of exercise for your brain. As I made the rounds promoting my book with the tongue in cheek title "10% happier" on the view and the Colbert Report. The club kid on the -- Reporter: I may have looked calm, but I was worried that my personal revelations could ruin my career. But pretty soon I started to hear from people. Thousands of people. Who identified with my story and were inspired to start meditating too. If we just -- Reporter: Like Chris, the creator of the hit TV show doc mcstuffen who said it helped her handle criticism. It allows me to make a moment when negative responses come in and not take it so personally. Reporter: And Alice, a recent graduate from nursing college. I felt I was miserable. Why am I not getting the job yet? Reporter: She was consumed by anxiety. I wanted to have my job. And I feel like with meditation, it showed me I have the play button now. This is the time to start living. I was desperate. I was a desperate time for me. Reporter: And then Chris, a father of two and a recovering addict. Last summer he couldn't see a future at all. I got to the point where the inner dialogue was telling me how awful and stupid I am. And was telling know act out. Reporter: He says meditation has helped him get to an infinitely better place. I'm here. I could have killed myself and missed out on so much. I am so grateful. Reporter: So think about it, if meditation can work for a recovering addict, a young professional, a TV executive and a fidgety and skeptical newsman, maybe it can work for you too. All right. Anybody here on the set meditating? I do try to do it. I have been talking to you about it and to George stephanopoulos who's really, really into it. About how to better my practice. But you -- you soothe me by saying it's not -- I'm making it harder than it seems to be. No failing at meditation. If you want to learn, it's degree, simple, secular, you don't have to join a group. You can go to my website, ABC. And click the getting started tab. And I want to say in the name of full disclosure, Ron Claiborne wrote a book called "11% happier ". It's like the price is right. If you're only going to buy one book, do the math. 10% or 11%. You do the math. All right, coming up on

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"The ABC News anchor's book \"10% Happier\" helps people discover the power of mediation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27977757","title":"Meet the People Who Found Meditation With Dan Harris' Book","url":"/GMA/video/meet-people-found-meditation-dan-harris-book-27977757"}