Meet Two People Who Lost Half Their Size

Carlos Romero and Patty Pena talk extreme weight loss and being featured in People magazine.
4:55 | 12/23/14

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Transcript for Meet Two People Who Lost Half Their Size
Right now, to the amazing transformations. On Monday we met two people who managed to lose half their size. No surgery, no gimmicks. Just eating right and exercise. And two more in people magazine's half their size issue. First, though, their story. Patty, a 40 year mother of two struggled with her weight since elementary school. My mom would have to buy my clothing in the women's section of the department store. Reporter: She started gaining weight in college. Eventually creeping up to 252 pounds. I W eating a lot of fast food. A lot of frozen meals. Reporter: She's a self-pro claimed member of the clean plate club would eat more than her own dinner. If my kids left food, I'll just eat it. Reporter: She knew she had to take charge when a fitness initiative was introduced to get the students healthy. I had to be able to give that to them, I was so overweight. I have to do it. Reporter: For 31-year-old Carlos, food was always a source of comfort. His weight climbing to 437 pounds. I was overeating. No idea what I was intaking. Reporter: It wasn't until a serious medical diagnoses that he decided to turn his life around. I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. I took at as a way to inspire others. Reporter: Inspiring others and proving that obstacles of any size can be overcome. They can indeed. And it is time for the big reveal. You saw patty. She weighed 252 pounds. She is 120 pounds. That's 132 pounds lost. Patty, come on out. Look at you. It shows. So excited for you. Looking forward to talking to you. But first, we want to show everybody Carlos. He was 437 pounds. So, a I want to bring over Zoe, the people magazine features directors. Why did you call them heros? This is the first year that in the half your size issue we decided to include heros. There are so many people not just losing weight, but inspiring others to do the same. For both of them, with patty, working in a school and got involved in an initiative. The kids needed an example. What was so sweet, the kids are motivating her too. Both ways. And with this gentleman over here, it was about, you know, what can I do that feels impossible? And he started rock climbing with his muscular dystrophy. If I can do it, it will show others they can do the same. We're going to talk about that. But the tips that our viewers use at home. You work out before the meal. Do it before the meal. Absolutely. It's easy to promise yourself that you're going to work off the calories afterwards. But it doesn't happen. I believe in getting the work done first before you reward yourself. That's a great tip. And I want to ask you, patty. You turn every party into a dance party. I like your style.but there's a reason. Absolutely. We get moving in our house. We don't just sit there after every meal and keep eating until our pants are about to bust. We have a Zumba party, get out of the chairs and walk around. We enjoy one another's company a lot more. You started doing circuit training in commercial breaks. Show us something they can do. Absolutely. I would be sitting in the chair at home. Just sitting there, get up, do squats. Do some jump rope. You have 30 seconds. Make sure to get moving in those 30 seconds. Just like we tell the kids at the school, there's no fear and no embarrassment. You have to get out there and do it. Just move. I love it. Your attitude and energy. And I want to ask you, Carlos, you work with two organizations looking for a treatment for fsh. I worked with the fsh society and the friends of fsh research making progress towards research here in the United States. And we are making profession towards the first treatment. And you are proof positive you can overcome. Thank you for inspiring our viewers. And thank you so much. We love this issue. It's the people magazine half their size issue. It's on news stands now.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Carlos Romero and Patty Pena talk extreme weight loss and being featured in People magazine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27786491","title":"Meet Two People Who Lost Half Their Size","url":"/GMA/video/meet-people-lost-half-size-27786491"}