Meet the 'Project Runway: Junior' Team

Tim Gunn, Kelly Osbourne, Christian Siriano, Hannah Jeter and Aya Kanai appear live in Times Square to discuss their new show.
2:33 | 12/21/16

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Transcript for Meet the 'Project Runway: Junior' Team
You know, there are ugly sweater viewing parties all around the country. They've got their favorites and in just a moment we'll crown our winner here on the set of "Gma" but first tomorrow, it's a big day for our judges. It is the season two premiere of their hit show "Project runway Jr." And we're happy to have them. Thank you all for coming here. It is a big day coming up. Tim and Hannah, such a fun idea to take junior designers and give them an opportunity but are they a little easier to deal with than their grown-up counterparts and are they more emotional secondly. We are certainly more emotional anthem. Easier, I think so. I haven't worked with the adults but I just love working with kids because they're so receptive to our critiques and they're like absolute sponges and so sweet and you'll fall in love with them. Watching them grow from each other and knowing that most of the young designers don't know anyone else like them and being in a room filled with people who are like you for the first time is a really beautiful experience for us to watch. Are they intimidated by you, Tim? Oh, no, Michael. I was intimidated by them at the beginning and worried about how they would take critiques and how open they would be. They are as Hannah said they're sponges. They're so open and so receptive and know if you're pandering to them they're beautiful souls I have to say. I love the idea you say they look around and feel like they're a part of something like fashion designer high school. Christian, I want to ask, do you see yourself in some of these young kids between the ages of 1 and 17. Yeah, no, it's amazing. I could not make what they make on the show at 13. Like they're so talented. That's the best part like to see them and we're judging them like, you know we're judging anyone like I'm looking at somebody who is competition in a way but that's the best part that we're judging them as like real designers that could have a great career afterward which is really exciting. I love aya's reaction. You said it's competition. She said it sure is. When you work with all these designer collections of the highest quality and see these young people operating at the exact same level as some of their grown-up adult counterparts it really is shocking and will blow you away. Will you tough them as tough as you judge them? Yes. Well, you know what, "Project runway Jr.," it premieres tomorrow night on lifetime. Make sure you guys check it out.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Tim Gunn, Kelly Osbourne, Christian Siriano, Hannah Jeter and Aya Kanai appear live in Times Square to discuss their new show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44313178","title":"Meet the 'Project Runway: Junior' Team","url":"/GMA/video/meet-project-runway-junior-team-44313178"}