Meet Venus, the Majestic Two-Toned-Faced Cat

The Chimera cat has gained a massive online following thanks to her two-toned face.
1:48 | 07/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet Venus, the Majestic Two-Toned-Faced Cat
Also -- -- -- this morning we -- very special -- they gave the cat lover on the set this assignment that's this is Venus the cat who is truly one of the -- happened over faces black the other half is orange. She also has one green and one blue why can't more than 200000 fans on FaceBook. And her own plush toy line. The leaders judges now whether -- CNN good morning Heidi Heidi I -- one of my cats on this that would you be -- we would be to clean up crew did an amazing cat. So you found her at a shelter did you figure out specifically because of these amazing markets. Actually Elizabeth's cancer was a dairy farm and their airline's shares thank dancer is straight Vera -- And beautiful here picture with -- -- -- based but Hazen inside contacted the lady -- cup soccer and I was at. We'll have a pattern of course yes she's very confident she's come and death decision had come they grant emailing him as a huge intermediate new phone you surprised -- Not really it took off in 2012 right away. And it's -- -- ever send. Immediately this is dying his including an immunity and its link maintenance in Minneapolis really incredible in how rare is this. I don't know exactly but it's -- to date I don't know of any other Cabot has. It is perfect it online and it's a different color eyes you -- and pictures of their got her some aren't normally getting a lot of fan art lots and lots of and -- -- -- love. People love the -- her. And one quick thing -- because. He's in his earlier there one of the message you're trying to send is that adoption is important -- aliens and cats and or put down every year -- save them. I giving them -- and -- the big advocate for a thought don't shop and to -- there she is made that the big question I get asked a lot yes she is stated the -- -- -- kittens are experiencing an -- an awesome good start off Lara Spencer.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"The Chimera cat has gained a massive online following thanks to her two-toned face. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24467111","title":"Meet Venus, the Majestic Two-Toned-Faced Cat","url":"/GMA/video/meet-venus-majestic-toned-faced-cat-24467111"}