Meet the woman who broke barriers at the US Navy

Raye Montague is credited with revolutionizing the design process for naval ships and submarines.
10:03 | 02/20/17

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Transcript for Meet the woman who broke barriers at the US Navy
Road to the Oscars and we're celebrating Black History Month with a remarkable grave Mountain View she is a real. Hidden figures she broke barriers just like the women. In the movie and transform the design process for all. Navy ships and with the to have the honor of speaking to her and just a moment but first I want everybody to know your remarkable story. What do you do for NASA calculate your mom didn't need. The Oscar nominated film hidden figure celebrates the true story of three African American women who helped propel the US space program to new heights. Mary Jackson Dorsey bonds backed Katherine Johnson. And phenomenon levels and displacement fiction and velocity as they were breaking barriers at NASA. Another hidden figure and ray Montague was making history at the navy. I hadn't known as they need per person can stand and ship. Use and a computer and I was the first. Female. Program manager of ships in the history of the navy which urged the equivalent of been CEO of a company. The Little Rock native was a child of the segregated south and never saw an engineer who looked like her. My mother tell me when I must have very little girl Greinke. You have three strikes against give female. And your black and you have a thought then segregated school education. Thank you could be to anything you want. Provided your educated. She would go on to receive a Bachelor of Science in business and in 1956. She moved to Washington DC to began her career with the navy. The man sent. You've got a Bachelor of Science you're on the leading edge of technology. I didn't know that the over the next fourteen years she would shatter glass ceilings as a woman in a male dominated field. Surpassing those who would have held her back and maneuvering around every roadblock thrown in her path to think back to what she dealt with back end. Especially with the gender barrier goes well they thought the chiefs must be getting their coffee and that she was the one actually there in charge today 82 year old ray Montague. Is credited with revolutionizing the design process for all naval ships and submarines. Sticky proving herself over and over that she could do that you but she she took out with its mouth tuned. And she was able to rise above those type of things. Chlorine is a well come up mrs. ray Monica. Or okay. Okay. Okay. Have you all noticed wish you the piece was running how you were watching your story you have the biggest smile on your yeah. Eight Everett isn't sometimes incredible to noon where you are what you over came to be where you walk today. The groin up. Rub it in the segregated south. You know big tree that these options were available to you. And I can remember. 104 am I calling what a meg going to be and when I was seven years old. My grand thought the took me. This is during World War II my grandfather took me to see a chairman mini submarine. The had been captured off of the coast of the Carolinas. And they let me go and to. And of course us old adults and mechanisms. Benefits that put up no do this he sell you'd have been je me. Quick you don't have have to worry about that whole. And I didn't realize had been insulted. So. I ask from mild to pluck out take me to fund up. What was required become an inch in Newton and result in math and science and of course I pursued that. But in in the long run. I. Just never dreamed that I would be credited with that she even as much as I did. When you're deserving of all let you have accomplished and the way you have paved the way and the over a hundred honors that you have received but there's one in particular the flag tell people why that was so special to you. This was a very charming. If you could imagine. They United States flag. Was flown over the nation's capital. And presented to me at marry tenement with a certificate. From the Architect of the Capitol saying that the flag was. Alone in man on all. Can you imagine I'm a grateful nation needed a little girl yeah. If you run with so much of my momma my that it right now I thought I got did it and keep it together wearing that so many people went to see. Hidden figures. What was it like for you. To look above the big screen and to see that these women what they have done at NASA that many people that know much like they did know your story with the navy. What was your actions seen that film. It was through that mess story except the fact that I didn't have to run that mound after the restaurant. Yeah. I am I faced a lot of the same dowry is you bet its latest phase. And I could remember when time. Put up walk in the room bail because always felt like what you do any. And I thought I was a part of the help of Kenton Sosa walked into one. Group. It also to meanwhile haven't said I'd like cup coffee. And as is so it he should match. We hear behind a screen yeah. Both. We have a slight surprise that we know. What's happened about the happened but she does not know who is here would you please welcome one of the stars of hidden figures. Janelle Monet. It's not only we crown. And there isn't we'll hunt you hugs me introducing Vinny. It's. Could cut Katherine. Johnson isn't who gave the orbital flight. Management. Catherine and I were both are not at Hampton University. And torn AT and by the comments department. With plaques that says should have been nominated for Nobel Oprah yeah. But what you all were beautiful thank you can beautiful and I know what you're going through because I was going to defend you know. And up and we thank you so much for your sentence you are an American hero and you heat no war. Or. You know I mean so much for you to be here and the woman that you played Mary Jackson oh my goodness and we have a clip. From the movie because I know you said it was like seeing your life being played out the the first black woman to be an engineer. At NASA and she needed to further her education for that to happen and for that she needed to petition the judge yes. And healthy people needed next. But I can do that without taking classes at all white high school. And I can change the kind of my ski. So I have no choice. But to be too fast. Which I can do with temperatures. Your honor but of all the cases you going to be. Which one physical matter hundred years from. Which one is go make you from first. Gosh if she's not. Like two it was you know first and on honor to just honor these women. Had no clue who married Jackson was who miss Catherine Johnson was shortened by Iranians. Color computers as they cognitive and I didn't know these were the women who sent our first American astronauts into space. I mean these are American heroes without their brains. We would not have have you know Saint John DeLeon and I hear this is the anniversary. Of his or her formidable orbital flight. Today so this is a very special day. But I didn't know and so to take place and one who. Was the first you know I knew that this woman was brain. I knew that this woman was a leader I knew that this woman was not doing it for selfish reasons machine won it two. Make sure than no other woman. No other human being who who who moving had a right to the American dream. You know didn't get the opportunities to really pursue their goals and him walking their purpose and I think she was really trying to be the first she just wanted to contribute I think. Race and gender became a thing when someone else made in things move much like with mrs. Montague saint.

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