Meet the Woman Who Won a Date with George Clooney

Thanks to a charity raffle, Jean Allen's dream date became a reality.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Meet the Woman Who Won a Date with George Clooney
George Clooney -- -- at the premiere for his new movie the monuments man with a mystery woman but before you jump to any conclusions his state was offering very good times. Last night the premiere of the much anticipated new movie the monuments men. There wasn't one question on everyone's mind not -- Just who was that mystery woman and her eight year old daughter. On George Clooney's -- Very yeah Gloria. Oh yeah. So lucky lady is 42 year old Jean Allen a personal trainer from Dallas who won the golden ticket to spend a night out with the Hollywood hunk. Thanks to a ten dollar winner date with George Clooney charity raffle on -- Mays doctor. For the big night out we treat -- that day red carpet pampering and hair -- since the lines. She's choice of down from -- runway. And she sat down with me for what she thought it was a one on one interview about the experience -- of the moment when they -- if you win. I didn't believe. The single mom admitted she hasn't been on a -- since 2010. So your first -- since he became single yes is that George Clooney yes. Are you kidding me. -- doesn't -- the salt and pepper hair mean he's he's gorgeous he's tan he's told package for anyone. Definitely gene doesn't know it that she is about to meet the total package for the first time so you better get ready but I just want to make -- -- that you know what -- say when you first meet George Clooney. An inch -- and George. Nice to -- to clear the mother daughter duo as cool as cucumbers. A year ago the U wheelchair. Hornets who do you get it got him last night only in the state work. -- this tomorrow I have yeah congratulations. At -- Gina entered the grappled with issue shares Clooney's passion for his satellite sentinel project for Sudan. It helps monitor human rights abuses in the region and the raffle help your organization -- over one point two million dollars do you guys and what you've done. Make a huge difference but now -- its red carpet time. Give any advice for eighteen or Victoria about their foray into your world well we're gonna get our current -- -- -- people taking pictures. Going to be people who nearly went crazy. -- -- -- -- And some of Clooney's monuments co stars more than -- they don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The they're pretty good -- I can argue about them. I would really -- -- the -- table you don't joins. The charity. His good friend and. That's. A jury -- that the one point two. Million dollars raised -- by. Saddle and sentinel satellite project three months of around the clock surveillance. And also help by -- -- cameras which are so important to detect atrocities that are hidden until nightfall in the region so. We're very serious stuff -- Diana -- and yapping on and -- you soccer stars are doing it could always dot com for great experiences.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Thanks to a charity raffle, Jean Allen's dream date became a reality. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22373204","title":"Meet the Woman Who Won a Date with George Clooney","url":"/GMA/video/meet-woman-won-date-george-clooney-22373204"}