Mega-Millions Jackpot Roll Over Ramps Up New Round of Ticket Sales

Lotto hopefuls can look forward to a jackpot of more than a half a billion dollars.
3:00 | 12/14/13

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Transcript for Mega-Millions Jackpot Roll Over Ramps Up New Round of Ticket Sales
and turn to the $550 million jackpot up for grabs. There was no winner overnight in the megamillions lottery, which sent the jackpot to a near-record high. The next drawing comes tuesday night. And millions of americans will be vying for the chance to pick the winning numbers, just in time for christmas. Linzie janis is in new york city. One of many spots across the country with lottery fever. Hey, linzie. Reporter: Can you leave it? AN UNLUCKY FRIDAY THE 13th. That's despite the fact that organizers say they sold 40% more tickets than they thought they would. Here in new york state, where we are, there were $500,000 worth of tickets sold every hour. And still, no winner. This morning -- the gigantic megamillions jackpot is rolling over. Rolling all the way to more than $500 million. I got the winning ticket. Reporter: Ramping up another round of millions of ticket sales. Buyers, hoping to be the lucky ones to claim that huge sum. You can't win if you don't play. And the odds are the odds. Reporter: This jackpot is second only to the largest megamillions total in march of 2012. Which reached a whopping $656 million. Before three ticketholders in kansas, maryland and illinois with the winfall. Each taking $13.6 million. This is a lot. Reporter: But those hoping to get their hands on some real big money -- I would be able to do a lot more. I'd be able to be with my family. And have a much better christmas. Reporter: A better christmas, indeed. If you won, you'd be able to afford all the gifts in the 12 days of christmas song, nearly 5,000-times over. Or the entire neiman marcus fantasy gift catalog, for you and your 90 closest friends. It only takes one ticket. It's all about doing a little dreaming. You may win. You may not win. But I think it's just that brief escape that you get to think about. Reporter: Gearing up for the next drawing this tuesday, it may pay to escape to a different state. Thank you. Reporter: The winners of the top-ten largest drawings come from maryland, new jersey and new york, most often. But don't pack your suitcase just yet. The odds of winning the now-huge $550 million jackpot are still 1 in 259 million. So, tuesday is the big day now. That jackpot, the fourth-largest in history. By the time we get to that draw, though, it could be the largest in megamillions history, ever. There were some winners, overnight. Nine people matched five numbers to claim $1 million each. I'd take that. Maybe they can afford a partridge and a pear tree now. How do you put a price on a partridge and a pear tree? How do we come up with the numbers? I question the math.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Lotto hopefuls can look forward to a jackpot of more than a half a billion dollars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21218375","title":"Mega-Millions Jackpot Roll Over Ramps Up New Round of Ticket Sales","url":"/GMA/video/mega-millions-jackpot-roll-ramps-round-ticket-sales-21218375"}