Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Revealed: Better Late Than Never

Lucky lottery player won the Mega Millions jackpot and didn't know it.
3:00 | 01/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Revealed: Better Late Than Never
We're going to turn to the man who has a million reasons to be thankful in the new year. Make that 250 million reasons. That's how much the lucky lottery player won in the mega millions jackpot. But he had a hunch he should check his ticket. Aditi roy has the story from the place where the winning ticket was sold in san jose, california. We're learning more about this history winner. Reporter: We are, bianna. Good morning to you. It's a wild story. Lottery officials say steve tran bought the winning ticket here at this strip mall three weeks ago. And get this, left it on the top drawer, wondering with everyone else, who the lucky winner was. This is where lottery officials say a mystery millionaire hit the jackpot of his life. I wish him the best. I did. I wish him the best. And he got his best. Reporter: For selling the winning ticket, store owner tuy nguyen got $1 million. But for 16 days following the announcement last month, neighbors wondered who the elusive winner of the big prize was. Good karma, good energy. I'm so happy for him. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: It turns out, even the winner himself didn't know. Lottery officials say delivery driver steve tran of northern california bought five quick PICKS HERE ON DECEMBER 14th, While he was shopping with his family. We have a big pile of tickets. Sticks them in a drawer. Doesn't think about it. Reporter: Then, tran cold lottery officials he went on a week-long vacation, leaving the $324 million ticket just sitting on his drawer. But at 3:00 a.M. Monday, he woke up in the middle of the night with the sudden realization. Wait a minute. I was in san jose. So, then, he flips on the light, takes out the ticket. Checks the ticket and discovers that he is the multimillion-dollar jackpot winner. Reporter: Tran shares the jackpot with ira curry of stone mountain, georgia. They were very excited about the win. Reporter: Officials say he's taking the lump sum payment of about $120 million after taxes. His next big decision, where to go on his next vacation. And I think the answer to that question is anywhere he wants. Tran, by the way, told lotto officials he called up and left a message for his boss saying, i won't be in tomorrow, next week or ever. That's how I feel. That's a reasonable response, I think. I think a lot of people are rushing to check their old lottery tickets, as well. Thank you for that story.

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{"id":21420721,"title":"Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Revealed: Better Late Than Never","duration":"3:00","description":"Lucky lottery player won the Mega Millions jackpot and didn't know it.","url":"/GMA/video/mega-millions-jackpot-winner-revealed-late-21420721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}