Mega-Robbery at America's Biggest Mega-Church

$600,000 was stolen from televangelist Joel Osteen's Houston church.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mega-Robbery at America's Biggest Mega-Church
All right, Dan, thank you. We turn to that megarobbery at America's biggest megachurch. Someone cracked open the safe at Joel Osteen's church making off with $600,000 in donations and Ryan Owens has all the details. Reporter: The huge heist is a Hollywood staple. In "Oceans 11" Clooney and the guys rip off casinos. In "The town" they target banks. Let's go. Reporter: But a church, a holy heist on the sabbath, come on. It's awful to hear someone would actually do that to a church. Reporter: Police say someone stole that thou shalt commandment big time ripping off $600,000, a big jackpot from the ultimate church, Lakewood in Houston. God puts people in our path so we can brighten their death. Reporter: The church is home to Joel Osteen. 40,000 attend every week, people from more than 140 countries watch every week and Houston police say they stole $400,000 in checks and $200,000 in cold hard cash gathered in the complexion plate. The haul of a single weekend lifted after being put in the safe right after Sunday's services. Was it an inside job. Church employees whoop Der. Someone would have had to observe for awhile. Someone has paid attention. Reporter: Some wrote their credit card Numbers on envelopes placed in the collection plates so this morning Joel Osteen is warning members to watch their accounts. As for the megachurch it will be fine. All that money is insured which might make that fyorgiveness thing a tad easier. Can you say an amen today. Reporter: For ABC news, Ryan Owens, Dallas.

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{"id":22873094,"title":"Mega-Robbery at America's Biggest Mega-Church","duration":"3:00","description":"$600,000 was stolen from televangelist Joel Osteen's Houston church.","url":"/GMA/video/mega-robbery-americas-biggest-mega-church-22873094","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}