Meghan Markle's holiday with the royals

Markle is the first fiancee to be invited to spend the holiday with the queen.
2:35 | 12/24/17

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Transcript for Meghan Markle's holiday with the royals
can help. Ne Meghan Markle getting a firsthand look at royal fauily traditions. What is on tap for today and tomorrow. What has she got ahead of her? Good morning to you. The Christmas celebrations with the royal in-laws are now in full swing. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaves their home and heading to the queen's sprawling sandringham estate. They'll open presents tonight on Christmas eve. Prince Harry and his britd-to-bemeghan Markle putting on a dazzling display. Releasing their official engagement photos just in time for the holidays. If you can't get enough of this glamorous couple, fear not. We're about to see them again. It's a big deal that the queen has agreed for Megan mark toll be the first royal fiance to be at a Christmas lunch table. It didn't happen for Camilla. It didn't hpen for Diana. It didn't happen for Kate. Reporter: Meghan will be making history. The first fiance ever to celebrate Christmas with the queen. Seen here last week with prince Harry. On the the way to the annual Christmas lunch. With more than 50 members of the extended royal family. This is a moment to see how the royal family works. This is more of a traditional way the royal family do things. It's important, I think, going forward, that she understands the way that the queen operates these things. The queen and prince Philip have already kicked off festive tis. Traveling by train to her Christmas retreat at sandringham before the younger Royals arrive today. Prince Harry and Meghan are expected to stay with the duke and duchess of Cambridge. And prince George and plan sesz Charlotte. They'll enjoy a black tie dirn. A 300-yard walk for the Christmas service. And walkabout, meeting all the well-wishers. We'll be watching all of the holiday festivities for you. As Meghan is welcomed to the royal fold. Hopefully, we'll find out if little prince George did debt that police car that was on his Santa list that prince William wanted to deliver. I love the story about Meghan Markle. What a great addition and a modernizing force. Lama, thank you. Coming up on "Gma," quick, doebl tips for handling holiday

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Markle is the first fiancee to be invited to spend the holiday with the queen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51977514","title":"Meghan Markle's holiday with the royals","url":"/GMA/video/meghan-markles-holiday-royals-51977514"}