Melissa McCarthy Talks 'Tammy'

The hilarious actress dishes on the star-studded cast and answers your questions.
5:27 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for Melissa McCarthy Talks 'Tammy'
the window here because oscar-nominated actress Melissa Mccarthy is on the cover of "Rolling stone." Look at that. Go, girl. And it's a hilarious new comedy this summer. It's called "Tammy." It starts with tammy, played by Melissa, having the worst day of her life. It gets worse. Yes. Just come with us. Oh, come on, man. Right this way. No, I -- going with every. I bet you see a lot of bears here. No, ma'am. Ma'am! Are you serious? There was a be. No bebees here, ma'am. You can't run from the law. I'm so happy, the one and only Melissa Mccarthy is back with us. I watched it last night. Did you? I did. Makes me so happy. You have so much fun. It was ridiculously fun. And your husband Ben had a dream? Yes. Which does not happen all the time. I wish it did. Come on, get more dreams, Ben. He came home -- came home. We actually live together. He came home, I don't know where he was. He wakes up really groggy. His hair's all over the place, really sleepy. I had a dream you were at a lecture with your grandma and she's an alcoholic and she might sleep around. What? What's going on in your dream? We have to write it. Can we have coffee? Can we like ease into it? We were talking about it, a week later, a month later. Suddenly we were like, I think we have an outline, and I think we're writing it. Kind of fell in love with them. Co-wrote it, directing it. You both are in the movie. Yes, we are. How did you approach Susan sarandon to play your grandma? We said she's never going to read it. Almost everyone in the movie was our number one. Which will never happen again, I'm aware that have. I don't care. We don't start with our absolute first pick, we'll regret it forever. Take the rejection, use it like -- she's not going to read it. She doesn't -- we were completely prepared for that. Then, yeah, Susan wants to talk to you on the phone. Which phone do we use? Which won't the battery go out on. The whole panic that we didn't want to be talking to her and like -- gone. The kids left it off the stand. And talking to her, her voice, she sounds just like Susan sarandon. But it goes on and on. Kathy bates. Kathy bates, Dan akroyd, and others. And it's a little nuts. Sara baker, every single person, oh, my god, if they would do it, and then somehow the stars aligned and they did it. It was kind of surreal. I knew I was going to laugh. I knew I was going to have fun. It's so heartfelt too. Thank you. You and your grandma go on a wild road trip. Life lessons. It's about both women growing up together. The one is late-30s, the other is late-60s. But they kind of find their way back to each other and grow up a little and become a little bit better versions than who they started out. It was important for us to get a good story as well as laughs. And it did. I wasn't -- I was expecting to laugh my tushie off, which I did. That's what I was after. A lot of love for you online. I want to get to the questions. They love you and Ben and all this. Here, one from Facebook, who was asking about your co-stars and the fact that how many times did you have to do retakes? Oh, god. Millions, millions. I destroyed so many takes. And destroyed takes, Ben did behind the monitor. We were making fun of him. Ben, you're behind the monitor, and he would hear, like -- ha, ha, ha. So everyone would burn take it is just became part of it. There's a billion miles of footage of film of -- Sandra lost her mind in the dinner scene and couldn't physically get it back. We all went, and it was the greatest thing to watch. Skpand you have to watch the credits, they have outtakes. There are treats. I'm glad I didn't stop. And your new clothing line. So excited about that. Oh, yeah. Still getting the details finalized. But I'm doing it, always sketching, always pulling fabric to the point of its crazy. I have a lot of fabric just floating around my house. But it's definitely happen, I don't have the details yet. It's in the works. Hoping to start manufacturing this year. You have an invitation to come back here when it's done, come back and let us know because there's nothing but love for you. Thank you. Give your mom a big hug for you. I will. She was excited I was coming. We'll always have the oscars. Yes. "Tammy" in theaters July 2nd. And Co

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{"id":24295630,"title":"Melissa McCarthy Talks 'Tammy'","duration":"5:27","description":"The hilarious actress dishes on the star-studded cast and answers your questions. ","url":"/GMA/video/melissa-mccarthy-talks-tammy-24295630","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}