'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Actors Reveal Insights Into Their Shared Role

James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart discuss bringing to life the same character at different points in his life.
4:55 | 05/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Actors Reveal Insights Into Their Shared Role
14 years after "X-men" hit theaters we have a new chapter bringing together the original trilogy and the reboot that began in 2011. "X-men: Days of future past," wolverine straddles two time Zones after professor X sends him back in time to recruit help from his younger self. I was sent here for you. Tell me who sent you that I'm busy. It's going to be a little tricky because the person who sent me was you. What? About 50 years from now. 50 years from now like 50 years in the future. Yes. I sent you from the future. If you had powers you'd know I was telling the truth. How do you know I don't have my -- all right. You've piqued my interest. What do you want? Yeah, they have piqued our interest. James Mcavoy and Patrick Stewart are here with us again this morning. Good to have you both back and I know when people are watching, wait, what, huh. We're the same guy. We are. I look at that. In the show. No, it does show. By the way, have you ever been called a reboot before? Only when I've paid people to call me it on the second Wednesday of every month. That's what you are apparently. But when you look at the two of you and this is great when the cast was here, just the camaraderie you have that comes through on the screen, as well. You cut your hair because you thought that as a younger professor X you needed to look more like -- I cut it for "X-men," three years ago and shaved my head thinking I wanted to check what it looks like a month before we started shooting and was happy with it and they got there and said, no, we want to you have long hair so it was this long at the time and I spent 15 hours getting hair extensions and then for this movie, future past I spent 18 hours and a straight run having hair extensions. 18 hours. I'm all over the hair extensions. Photographs of how you looked when -- You told me it was done to my bum, remember? I saw that but when it was cut really short you didn't have to shave your head, did you? Yeah, he did. Were there photographs? That's -- that was the word on the street because he idolizes you so, one as a character and you originally didn't even want to do this in the very beginning, the first one. Why? I was reluctant because we had just finished next generation star trek and I felt getting closely attached to what had already all the makings of a franchise might not be helpful in the wider sense of a career move but Brian persuaded she this would be entirely different and it was right. It worked out really well. It worked out quite well for you. Yes, it has and, James, everybody else -- a lot of the characters go through all these transformations. You as the younger one, what is the most transformation that you have to go through? How do you get into character to -- How do I get into character? I watch everything that Patrick has ever done starting with the earliest things I can find on youtube and try to emulate him every morning. It's a big, big, big character change for professor X. You get to see him doing things. It's just squinting. Yeah, yeah, yeah, other people have methods and I just do that and that's it. Well, I think by the end of this movie you start to see him stop doing that and I'll do it more like Patrick -- The next movie down the road. That's for the next one. You're already thinking of that. How was it like to see your character being played by him? It was, first of all, flattering when I heard this was going to be my younger self. I never looked this good. Oh. Come on. Never and so I thought, well maybe this -- people will remember me that I looked like James Mcavoy. It was -- it was astonishing and in this movie there were moments the first time I saw it when I saw clearly professor Xavier in James but then there were even creepier moments when I actually saw Patrick Stewart especially in profile, James in profile. You both bring so much to the role and, again, the ensemble cast is second to none and I think the last time that you were here after you finished the interview, you were doing a little -- what caused this? What did Hugh make you do? Jackman started this. Dude, just do it. Do it. Okay, so we have the camera rolling in this just in case you do something after this interview. All the best to you both and thank you so much. Thank you, robin. For always sharing. Sharing your talents with us. We appreciate it. "X-men: Days of future past" opens nationwide this Friday.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart discuss bringing to life the same character at different points in his life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23775725","title":"'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Actors Reveal Insights Into Their Shared Role","url":"/GMA/video/men-days-future-past-actors-reveal-insights-shared-23775725"}