Meryl Streep's Doppelganger Daughter Talks Family

Mamie Gummer talks to Peter Travers about starring in the new film 'Ricki and the Flash' alongside her super star mom.
12:03 | 08/12/15

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Transcript for Meryl Streep's Doppelganger Daughter Talks Family
Have any money. Democratic current. Candidates Ellington account. All that's not a problem. If not more than happens. Can you mention cutting spending and funny gray hair and I don't mean a hill. The witness for a two. Until where they filed them. If hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called Ricky and the flash. And my guess they may McGovern is neither Ricky nor the flash but so why. You see he's she's the daughter of Ricky mainly began her career at the age of twenty months. All lane Merrill street daughter in Hartford. And now as luck would have it despite her movie TV and stage career she's bad plane Merrill's treats daughter Ricki and the flats. What is that she looked nothing like. Tony hadn't heard about a cat and have blocking buys them in cotton. The profile I think that is she if she admits it. Yes do so this resemblance that you had. And that your sister grace a little bit is this a pain in the yes or isn't something that. Nurtures. Hamburg you know kind of trying to kind of flying under the radar when I first kind of school. And I went to you know general casting meeting blanket the soap operas sexually I think right downstairs area he gets hit. And I was and didn't it and it didn't fly I mean does sort of precedes you know every every door that I that I walk into in this way. Let's talk a little bit about whom these two years yet because did what I was setting up was. Ricky laid back street. Has basically left her kids her three kids and said. I'm going onstage I'm gonna be rocks and this is the weights Kennedy. And you what I think it's one. It in any movie I've seen Hugh when the rate entrances. Hits like. That at a York. L off. Arable a yeah yeah so who is she why is Julie this stuff what is going on life that's made her this well hi they don't the. A vent you know she's to have this the trauma of her marriage ending very suddenly. Went diving to really rock her but I think that her. Instability. Pre date that and I think had just been dormant. My mom's character Ricky is a bit of and that tea I think in June and Harry and some of those trade. But she's been trying. With all her might to kind of keep them contained. I think that she was also trying to come to correct the mistakes of trickier than the you know the wrong that she felt was done done to her by a by you know being determined to have a very conventional very traditional. Marriage and to be and stay at home. Maung. And when that all comes crashing that's what leads her barreling down the stairs and like you know. With us. Just live it blows the gaffe get off. In this movie you guys are really argue going at each other more you hit her yeah. He's it's tough to play because it's your mom than you planned it in terms of like you know it being directed at her. I was nervous about them in the beginning and I didn't want her to take it personally her to be wounded at all. But after the first take for Celtics like and that Jonathan just cut and I looked to her I confess and UK. She's had the big grin on her face like she is she was thrown out. Could I had done a good I had done a good good you know as a parent. She would have that she wants you to do it she wouldn't want you all. We're. If that date its acting its call saying yeah you know at home you can act. You can I guess but you know what yes but we all do present a version of ourselves hope that people with life. Yes but not when it's a day to day kind of thing but in terms of having mean you're dead on governors a sculptor. He yearned this is an artistic house yet mrs. it is your brother Henry as a musician Ian races and actress Louise of model and everybody somehow in. Some kind of creepy. If that's right it's fun where we're pretty ridiculous. Privately yes you can. And then and all of us performers but. The act that had hidden my dad here is the worst actor. In the world he played but it's a wonderful at the greatest thing about it meant that he. He's the most honest person I he's that he can't he can't lie even when you just wish that he plead and he. You know pleases for ten you just tell me I was good. Yeah. What's it can hurt your mind. No I did and you and me me but it but that wealth and outlying cities as well love everything that I do it if my. But when you four view a growing up. And your mother issues what most people would say. Our greatest actress and the e-book she did watch. Needs. Growing up. I'm there isn't there's actually a lot that I have not seen. Yeah should try if I announced I'm Nancy and I've seen acting many that there are one both of that I just don't want to ski. Area reason. Like one true thing. And I don't wanna theater stuff burglary them. Wanna see anything wrong tech really night. Meanwhile Bentley got that day I 99 LB dog love love mommy and the the Margaret Thatcher Iron Lady but no I mean I have seen of course have seen. A lot of a lot of them smile I think most of them. I heard that. She was pregnant with you when she won her Oscar for so there's two yes that's right up to me let him that I'm niche and then. You're a kid when she puts you in heartburn yeah did you another name. Why right Natalie stern at least there. The breakfast. What it is did what. Yeah I mean she. And when you satellite that it does sound like they're writing on its hands so much like you had no choice. So I'll tell you want going to be a doctor which you only are when you're doing TB CNN news. I'm going to pretend to be dot are on the print art is. That group grade history. Yes I had that you've had two shots at a major TV series where your doctor. Yes. Yeah you're off. Off the map. And then you know. Yeah that Emery Allen Emma yeah. So when those shows start and you get them and you're so into the character and and they say well we're not renewing its forward the next season. Pudgy hands of that ticket popcorn box and keep you can cost room. Has suspended obscene hand to hand picked up and you know him yet does it depend on the thing you know where he and I'd love to listen. I love the woman that created and Leon. And so I would've followed her to the moon I really believed in her and she protected the integrity of that now. I get that the little bit embarrassing. That oath. My series of and canceled after one season but that's also of the bout vast majority of show if it's the wave is. Sport yeah I'd take that it's it's quite rare that something nice day but you study your northwest. The theater major him. The theater was it theater with it yes thing yes. Area. The first play that I saw. Mister mom. Michael C. Hall you played a four year. You want for. You would do it and your best imaginary friend was this sort of Psycho who. Coking junkie yet it yes. And. Later I saw you do something called the waters which was like ringing Greek tragedy began to a contemporary said. So you're just. It's not easy thing I wanna do Neil Simon read he could use it to the league looking for stuff. That's that's starts with challenging and then goes on for. Yeah that they know and it's. Of those roles I've I've found them in the theater. Him more lives if it's been harder to find. To find this kind. To people that are willing to take that risk like that. Especially in my twenties you know I was never. Never felt like I was going to be be the kind of the big. Don't live on Asian news at this site wasn't my bag churning turn. Right I say. The eight. And so little light on you should be able to turn yours yes right but there are still many actual big. Though I'd. All that there in they wouldn't have had and then time pathetic then. And then take that with tape and plastic surgery that I am. I. But this show me. It always ends in 08. And haven't even you warm honest to learn about it tell me. But you in the ward you know only we know toward. Many people saw. Hope that you. You sang and danced your little heart. Fits on oh lead. You can't give me a segment that some. Analysts and you make everybody. I. Blue. You don't Newton. I'm not as one of young men ain't too. You don't I don't mean. Dunk that can't which is the bowl. And. Home town. And do and and not just saying and when I go all out. And. Al oh I was just three steroids. That was great it was spontaneous. And it showed her assertive side. Thank you yet which is clean I think you are seriously being. Tickets. Thank you thank you so much.

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{"duration":"12:03","description":"Mamie Gummer talks to Peter Travers about starring in the new film 'Ricki and the Flash' alongside her super star mom. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33035626","title":"Meryl Streep's Doppelganger Daughter Talks Family ","url":"/GMA/video/meryl-streeps-doppelganger-daughter-talks-family-33035626"}