Met Ball's Impact on Social Media

The best moments of the celebrity filled event were created online.
3:53 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for Met Ball's Impact on Social Media
-- not long red carpet look what happened online exactly because. Live now all the stars are putting all of their wrecked her comments on answering for the evening gets the record and you see summit's morning -- and -- -- -- -- they're just standing there. On the -- partner yet incredibly you don't have to wait anymore you're heading into all of a sudden the second the ball starts the second year. Seeing it on its heading up good thing about it is that not -- it's not on TV it's not only the Oscars where we know inside. So we can -- all the -- -- all the celebrities are also got an hour and ten minutes -- -- -- I cannot -- when we're not there. So what was with some of that warrant states that -- pictures to you -- So I had dinner with one of the first celebrity as a share of following photo of her -- -- where this beautiful hot shot right here Mary -- the address and she said she could not sit down at that -- -- -- -- out of her car that's up to -- to the ball. But I think a lot -- A lot of celebrity it will lie down in a car anyway in the -- -- -- -- up. Really and all this yeah an interesting -- for anybody who was wearing a really. And Brady batten and many don't look Brinkley we got there for the wedding was injured in the way of qwest and stingray and connecting them laying down and I'll stick with people home from wonderful thank you I appreciate that they wouldn't -- -- -- swift with an interesting -- -- -- lieutenant thank you so hilarious. See our credit currently clients face or that adorable -- -- -- them on Atlantic ten there seems to have some champion. -- and often shared a hilarious sweet and about us. -- cat attack anchor cops and -- and parents of fat eat rats. -- didn't really have had so -- Well she added that on -- and it. She didn't -- bowed out. Sadly it. We will have -- retailers happy and -- I -- -- -- thank you. I noticed the cat oh my gosh yeah. Mom and I was really -- by the way everybody had that had died that the big -- out. Out -- everything that -- of this year's met gala was Charles James who is the famous couturier. I'm -- -- son but his style was really. Glamour and huge ball -- big hair big dresses just all out glamour and I think we really all the stars turned out -- hear them. When that didn't get to see half of the south as I was busy the last couple of days but some of the pictures are just. All of that the fitted that's great that -- -- emanating out past the hour -- like he's I was Kendall Jenner. But we also solid there is a hilarious but I don't know we haven't and I urge change the diaper change dad's car I don't mean. She did not Wear it yeah work but that enabled her to lie down on the diaper changing table -- on pretends that -- her. Well that would always nice yeah and people wonder what's going on the back in the latest cabinet together and now we do not exactly especially when you have -- -- -- -- together running around the museum but knowing the supervisors. There's also the senate and install photos I guess yes I absolutely love it but it. Isn't summer random person who happen to be a big gala and as you can see all the -- -- -- the program from underneath the solid. They automatically colorful trash bags -- exactly. The lawyers who are -- but I think and he is aware hijinks but we have one more yeah I believe. What again does not live act yeah -- -- and then -- how to street where I'm at this diet. I don't know how he got your experience so -- that he ran right by the red carpet stared at the Parker reportedly is on hand and sort of like. Whenever -- missed people value is now higher. I think people -- -- paid remains that the man. But people think this guy might have been the same guy who street that in your -- shower earlier this here is out of the my -- all they have than ever before he got that worked in the obviously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":23621213,"title":"Met Ball's Impact on Social Media","duration":"3:53","description":"The best moments of the celebrity filled event were created online.","url":"/GMA/video/met-balls-impact-social-media-23621213","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}