Met Gala Stunner: The Most Talked-About Dress

Designer Zac Posen is live in Times Square to discuss the glow-in-the-dark gown he designed for actress Claire Danes.
3:23 | 05/04/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Met Gala Stunner: The Most Talked-About Dress
To you to the most talked about gown at the met ball and the man behind it zac Posen designed a stunning dress worn by Claire Danes literally lighting up the red carpet. Totally spectacular. And zac is with us sharing the secrets behind it and the dress, as Welch the dress. We do? Right here in the studio and how it works. Thanks for being with us so early. Thanks for having me. Still recovering. I know both of you guys were there in back in action. We were both there but he did not design my outfit and I would have lights in it. But it marries technology and tradition. How did you come up with this concept with a light bulb moment. That light bulb moment. I'm interested in that place where the past and the future meet because that's universal. Yeah. And that hits a chord around the world. You know, to women and girls and men. That say, you know, just recognizing beauty. Yeah. And a magic moment and fantasy and technology. There is -- I don't know -- there is a fairy tale element to this dress. I mean -- For sure. It's that dress that every girl, every woman dreams of wearing and then this takes it to a technological new level and how does that work? I brought a sample. I did. And the battery pack and there are how many. 30 battery packs inside but the dress is hollow inside not like tulle. It's as light as possible. Really. Listen, the fabric is here. There's an -- you know, there's -- this is fiber-optic. Attached to an electric source and then there's an L.E.D. Light in there so I mean I can try to see a little bit. And so you're looking at light traveling vertically. The point is the point of the light. You know and what's great about L.E.D., it doesn't conduct heat. Thankfully. Thankfully. Slightly uncomfortable. It doesn't conduct heat. So, you know, Claire, she was, you know, our Cinderella and tonight we have our snow white. Yeah. Absolutely. Can I just ask a question, to get this do you have to work with a fabric house or electrical -- No, no, we worked with a company in France. We custom ordered the fabric and, you know, I draped the dress will four weeks ago and went into the studio, hit my boom box. Draped. Is that how it goes. It's like weekend creative work. I love that. Old school then I find whatever form of expression and then we had to wait like three weeks for 9 fabric to come in nervously. Not your first time. You did something like this for 2016 your zac Posen collection so you're drawn to that. I'm an apple 2c kid. I speak another language. A generation or two earlier than you. Atari girl. Yes. I speak the language of corder Roy. Okay. This is amazing. Amazing dress. Every year you set the bar high and continue to outdo yourself year after year at the met ball. I like to make people deem. Were you just thrilled. Claire is an old friend. You dressed her when she was a little girl. Yeah. Teenager, we grew up a few blocks away from each other. She was a big star on TV. You know -- I was a kid making dresses and we met. Both of your stars continue to grow and over to you, George.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Designer Zac Posen is live in Times Square to discuss the glow-in-the-dark gown he designed for actress Claire Danes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38861018","title":"Met Gala Stunner: The Most Talked-About Dress","url":"/GMA/video/met-gala-stunner-talked-dress-38861018"}