Michael Douglas on Marriage: It Takes 'Constant Nurturing'

The actor gives insight into his marriage to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones to People magazine.
2:08 | 06/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Douglas on Marriage: It Takes 'Constant Nurturing'
Thank you, deb. Michael Douglas opening up to "People" magazine about his marriage to actress Catherine zeta-jones. The couple made headlines last year when they announced they would spend some time apart but they've been out together recently actively working on their relationship and Douglas tells people marriage should never be taken for granted and requires constant nurturing. Be careful your kids don't become all-consuming. He says you can exhaust yourself with the energy you put into your children so there's none left for the two of you. Great advice. You can read a lot more on "People" on newsstands now. He compared a marriage to an okay. If you don't pay attention to it, you don't water it, it'll wither. A very delicate thing an a valid point. So glad they're back. We're pulling for them. Up next on "The heat index" and going viral a fed up dad selling his kids' trampoline on craigslist. It has a snarky title. He writes about how his kids begged and pleaded for the enclosed trampoline assuring him they couldn't live without it. How many types have we heard that and said that. Plus, since he -- plus, they said since he messed up their lives by moving them in middle school so that he owed them, but as all parents know, as soon as it's out of the box the kids have already moved on. The dad says he's now selling the trampoline to make room for gardenias or tomato plants or a stock cade jail to house three grumpy teenagers. That's what he said. Oh. I'm telling you I did the same thing. My kids begged me for one much we got one and I think they jumped on it three times and -- it was -- the exact same situation. Did you use that language. I didn't publicly shame them. I did not publicly shame them. I do think all parents can relate to whether it's a trampoline or new toy that constant consuming that they want. Try to get all these assurance, you really are going to use it this time. Eh. Ours still like the trampoline. Ours too. It's quite fun. They didn't jump on mine. Hey, I am going ahead to the

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{"id":24189407,"title":"Michael Douglas on Marriage: It Takes 'Constant Nurturing'","duration":"2:08","description":"The actor gives insight into his marriage to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones to People magazine.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-douglas-marriage-takes-constant-nurturing-24189407","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}