Michael Strahan Incites Laughter on Set of 'Black-ish'

Get a behind-the-scenes at the hit TV show's special Halloween episode.
3:10 | 10/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Strahan Incites Laughter on Set of 'Black-ish'
Now, besides the candy, the best part of Halloween to me is having an excuse to put on a costume and this year I got the chance to dress up early and make my ABC prime time debut at the same time so take a look. ? Action. Don't you drop my apples? Don't adjust your TV screens. That's me, Michael Strahan, guest starring on this week's episode of "Black-ish" or should we call it "Gap-ish." Hey, everybody, I'm on the set of "Black-ish." It's their Halloween episode and I am playing Anthony Anderson's cousin June bug and I am the mean cousin, hence the tattoos and all that stuff. Everybody thinks Anthony and I look alike so we decided to be on this episode together so we can prove we are not the same person. I'm so excited I am ready for my close-up. Let me get into character. Let's go. What's up? But before we start rolling some acting advice. Courtesy of my co-stars. You know, I'm glad I'm here and that thank you for having me because a lot of people think you and I are the same people. I'll show them something. My gap has closed. And mine -- Immensely and his has widened immensely. I think it's a compliment to me because I've been in the gym. For them to confuse me with this I'll take that any day. Maybe I ain't going to be happy with -- no, I'm just saying. What are we looking forward to on this Halloween show? You'll be scary. Yes. Very strong. Yes, keep going. Very handsome. There's a lot of acting. No -- Ha, ha. I was feeling good about myself until you did that. You play the mother to four kids on the show. Yes, yes. Wow. It's amazing. Probably one of my favorite parts working with Anthony, working with the kids. Kids everywhere. I even got schooled by the show's pint-sized performers. Yeah, you know what, this is my first time on ABC prime time. I am so nervous. What kind of advice do you have for me? Help me calm down, please. Okay. So first like take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. And like focus and if you like mess up on your lines, it's okay to mess up because everybody messes up, even I mess up. Even this guy messes up. Even he messes up? You mess up. Everyone messes up. I don't picture you messing up. Do you ever laugh in the middle of the scene. Sometimes especially working with Anthony because, you know, Anthony is a too far if I person. He likes to make faces when the camera is not on him. Woof, woof. I bite the side of my tongue and I try not -- Hmm. So every time I watch and see you like this -- I have to make it a little more subtle but yes. Not like this? "Gma," I'm on set. I got to get back to work, make sure to check out "Black-ish," all right. This is -- Mike, get your Back to work, man. Come on. Bye. The Halloween episode of "Black-ish" airs tonight at 9:30 right here on ABC and believe me, it was a lot of fun.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Get a behind-the-scenes at the hit TV show's special Halloween episode.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34789577","title":"Michael Strahan Incites Laughter on Set of 'Black-ish'","url":"/GMA/video/michael-strahan-incites-laughter-set-black-ish-34789577"}