Michael Strahan to Be Inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame

The football superstar and "LIVE with Kelly and Michael" anchor will don the iconic gold jacket.
2:22 | 08/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Strahan to Be Inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame
Big and happy news involving a key member of our "Gma" family. You know Michael Strahan from "Gma" and "Live with Kelly and Michael." Before his illustrious TV career he was a powerhouse pro football player, 15 years for the new York giants. Like a mini Dan. Later he will receive the highest of honors for his gridiron accomplishments and Sara is here with this fabulous story. Who doesn't love Michael Strahan? Seriously. If you met him, you love him even more. I like to start with. The man, the myth, the legend, Michael is a guy described around here, lovable and modest with a larger than life personality but with all that sunshine and rainbows, it's easy to forget he was a beast on the football field? Only man that can fill the shoes of Regis Philbin. Reporter: A game changer on and off the feel, this morning, just moments away from football immortality. As the New York giants' star defensive end Michael Strahan knew the playbook inside out. But he certainly didn't just play by the book. Quarterback killer, single season sack record breaker. Michael Strahan gets the record. Reporter: Super bowl champ all in 15 epic seasons and now pro football hall of fame inductee. Michael Strahan! Reporter: Accepting a super special shiny gold jacket overnight. Everyone is like don't cry. Trust me, I'm not going to try to cry. Reporter: He may have been tough to crack on the field, but it's his reaction to his trub bit Thursday is any indication is there I'm not going to cry. I can't guarantee he won't shed a few tears. You have a great face for scul sculpting. Reporter: A bronze bust showing off his most iconic game face. The gap-tooth grin. I think I want mine to be smiling. Reporter: Will he get his wish? Stay tuned for the big reveal tonight. I'll predict there will be tears. That man is so sincere and heart felt when he opens his mouth. One of those moments we can all forgive him for a few tears. We love that gap-toothed smile is phenomenal. Dan has a man crush on him. He totally -- I want him to put me in his pocket and take me. You want to be him when you grow up. I do. I do. They're telling us to move

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{"id":24818948,"title":"Michael Strahan to Be Inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame","duration":"2:22","description":"The football superstar and \"LIVE with Kelly and Michael\" anchor will don the iconic gold jacket.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-strahan-inducted-nfl-hall-fame-24818948","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}