Michael Strahan Kicks It With the Rockettes

"GMA's" Michael Strahan goes behind the scenes at Radio City Music Hall and learns how the famed dancers kick.
4:07 | 12/17/14

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Transcript for Michael Strahan Kicks It With the Rockettes
The moment we have been waiting for, Michael Strahan kicking it with those rockettes. He's here now to take us behind the scenes. Michael. Thank you, robin. This is what I call a news kicker. I spent 15 years in the NFL. But this was a kickoff line like none other. This is the ultimate dancers work out. And let me tell you, these rockettes are serious athletes and they're taking things to new heights every time they hit the stage. So take a look at this. The radio city rockettes make it all look so easy. The kicks, the costume changes. But how hard is it really to be a rockette all day? Lucky me, the ladies invited me to find out. "Gma," I'm here at radio city music hall. I'm so excited. You know why? Because I'm about to become a rockette. Hello, ladies, how are you? Hi. Reporter: First step to being a rockette, warming up. They are in up to four shows a day. Kicking more than 300 times per performance. To prepare, they stretch. Get the arms pumping. Reporter: And they stretch. I don't know about this. Reporter: And they stretch. There are perks to all the hard work. The rockettes say there's no need for a special rockette diet. They burn up to a thousand calories each performance. Once all stretched out -- 15 years of football, I think you're better athletes than we are. You're not done yet. Reporter: It was time for the dancing to begin. Stop at three, hold four. Jump, one, kick your right foot, together, jump. Kick your left foot. And then you're going to do a big pose at the end. Reporter: And with the steps down -- right, center, four times in the center. Well, pretty much down, it was time to add some music. I'm so nervous. The music is going to be so fast. My head's going to be spinning. Check this out. ? ? okay. I don't know what just happened. A day with the rockettes, now that's what I call kicking the holidays in high gear. All right, guys. What do we think? Yeah. Take that. I will take it. I will say for about three days I could not move. My hamstrings were killing me. Excuse me. I think the phone is ringing. Ringy, dingy. Who's there? Hello, hello. Hello, this is Tony from "Dancing with the stars." You guys did not do this. So, Tony, what do you think about Michael? I actually expected him to really knock it out of the park. He did exactly that. But when you are stretching -- to be a rockette, you have to wear the outfit. Michael. Well, Tony, we discussed that, and they said I could wear tights. What happened, you didn't shave your legs? Is that right? Did I shave my legs? Well, magic Mike, who knows what I did. It wouldn't be the first time I've had to shave my legs. I'm comfortable with it. Do you think he has a future with "Dancing with the stars"? I'm very surprised he hasn't done it yet. Football first, you've seen the record of football players on "Dancing with the stars." That's true. They do really well. But every football player sads it's the hardest thing they have ever done. And anything harder than football, I want no part of it. Tony, thank you very much. Thank you very much for weighing

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"\"GMA's\" Michael Strahan goes behind the scenes at Radio City Music Hall and learns how the famed dancers kick.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27660055","title":"Michael Strahan Kicks It With the Rockettes","url":"/GMA/video/michael-strahan-kicks-rockettes-27660055"}