Michael and Susan Dell announce $36M commitment to Harvey relief

The Dell Foundation founders join Texas Gov. Greg Abbott live on "GMA" as they launch the Rebuild Texas Fund with the goal of raising over $100 million for communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.
7:50 | 09/01/17

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Transcript for Michael and Susan Dell announce $36M commitment to Harvey relief
Back now with the outpouring of support for all those affected by hurricane Harvey. People eager to do whatever they can to help as we saw so vividly on our day of giving, raising nearly $13 million. And counting. ABC's Eva pilgrim is in Houston with more on how the disaster has brought victims and volunteers together. Good morning, Eva. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Yeah, you can't help but be moved watching Texans coming together helping their neighbor, pulling people out of the floodwater, donating the shelters like this one, but the support isn't limited to just here, people all across the country are now joining in. Gripping images transfixing the nation. It's in these times of need that America shows its true spirit. Just about everyone coming together to help the victims of hurricane Harvey. Big companies from Amazon matching up to $1 million in dough nations to the red cross to Walmart pledging 20 million to relief efforts. Two lesser known organizations like the national diaper bank network providing an essential product to so many families in the disaster zone. Diapers. The donations have been really unbelievable. The generosity of people is pretty amazing. There's been a huge financial response. Reporter: One of those financial responses from their corporate partner Huggies donating 1 million diapers and half a million wipes for families affected by the storm. And compassion also bubbling up on a smaller scale. I don't need anything. Just want to make a donation. Reporter: Children starting up lemonade stands to raise money for Houston. Here's $3. He was a little concerned the past few days and, you know, we were just trying to think of things we could do to help. Reporter: Then there's the university of Houston's basketball coach, Kelvin Sampson who put out a plea on Twitter for shirts and shoes to fellow coaches across the country. That post blowing up with thousands of retweets overnight. Photos of donations coming in from near and far. Coaches all over the country have a surplus and shirts and shoes so when he said send me your t-shirts and shoes, he's a coach and we said, yeah, absolutely. That's something we can do. Reporter: From coast to coast, everyone pitching in. Every little bit counts. And this help is greatly needed as the recovery is now just beginning. Most of the people we talked to say it's not even a question, they are going to rebuild. Now with a national unifying call for Houston strong, robin. We'll continue that, Eva. Thank you. Joining us now I am delighted, Michael and Susan Dell, they're launching a major effort this morning to help all those affected by the storm. Michael as you know is a CEO of Dell technologies and he and his wife Susan also the founders of the Michael and Susan Dell foundation and the governor is going to join us back again, Greg Abbott in Austin. Going to get to you, governor, in just a moment. You both hail from the great state of Texas. We do. I know, Michael, that Houston is your hometown and to see the streets where you grew up to be underwater, what has that been like for you to witness this? It's heartbreaking for all Texans and as you said Susan and I were both born and raised there. I grew up in, you know, neighborhood called meyerland in Houston and to see meyerland underwater on television and literally I saw a street a rode my bike on every day riding to school. And, you know, this is going to be a major effort to rebuild Texas. And we know that there are so many people that are reaching out and doing whatever they can and you and Susan are doing that today. Tell us about this Texas fund and how people can help out too. Well, I mean it's, you know, first of all as Michael said we're both from Texas and, you know, growing up our families visited Corpus Christi and rockport, you know, and went there on vacation and for us, you know, like everyone, our hearts are breaking. We just want to do everything that we can to help all those people that are suffering from these storms and, you know, what we want to do is basically work in parallel with governor Abbott and everything that the state of Texas is doing to try to help and we want to basically bring the power of private contributions to the recovery efforts that are happening and today our foundation, the Michael and Susan Dell foundation is launching the rebuild Texas fund and we are going to basically commit $36 million to really launch an effort to raise over $100 million to rebuild Texas and we rid the communities that have been affected by hurricane Harvey. And we are going to donate half of that $18 million effective immediately so that we can launch this fund and we want to work with, you know, everyone out there in Texas to try to raise as much money as possible over the next four days, so it's going to take everyone to help get through this and what we want to do is hopefully over this holiday weekend what we want to do is inspire everybody to give as much as they can so with that in mind, Michael and I want to encourage everybody to give as much they can so for every $2 that everyone gives over this holiday weekend, we're going to match it with an additional dollar of our own. With an -- whatever the $2 that you will match it yourself? With another dollar. With another. Dwlar for dollar. $18 million goes in today then for every $2 that everyone gives we will match it with an additional dollar of our own. The goal is 100 million. I feel you'll exceed that. Governor Abbott, when you're hearing this and talking about how it will take such a long time to rebuild that great state, but when you have Michael and Susan saying this and the joint effort with what you're doing there, governor. Well, these are such great Texans and a storm that's been as large as Texas requires a response as big as Texas. And I think Michael and Susan Dell and their foundation, you know, they've been innovation and technology leaders in the world and they've also now been leaders in the foundation area and we need their support as well as the support of people across the world. I've had so many people call me and reach out to my office say, what can we do to help Texas? And it's exactly this type of program that the Dell and the Dell foundation is working on that combines with a foundation run by the governor of the state of Texas called the one star foundation. And through that foundation we will have this rebuild Texas program and it is rebuildtk.org and it is launching as we speak rebuildtx.org and we will put the resources together to begin and complete the process of restoring Texas to make it even better than before the storm happened. Kind of teamwork we can all appreciate and you guys do things big there in Texas, you're proving that once again. Governor, thank you so much. Michael, Susan, bless your hears and I love the challenge you have also had for this weekend. Continue blessings to you both and you are a blessing.

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{"id":49553933,"title":"Michael and Susan Dell announce $36M commitment to Harvey relief","duration":"7:50","description":"The Dell Foundation founders join Texas Gov. Greg Abbott live on \"GMA\" as they launch the Rebuild Texas Fund with the goal of raising over $100 million for communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-susan-dell-announce-36m-commitment-harvey-relief-49553933","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}