Michele Bachmann: Jan Brewer Wrong to Veto Arizona's 'Anti-Gay' Bill

5 years after founding the tea party, Bachmann says the GOP needs unity in 2014.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for Michele Bachmann: Jan Brewer Wrong to Veto Arizona's 'Anti-Gay' Bill
-- The Tea Party is turning five but are all Republicans celebrating. Hello and welcome to the fine print I'm just felony today conversation with the mother of the Tea Party movement Michelle Bachmann on why she believes governor Jennifer was wrong. Why Republicans will take control of the senate. And why Hillary Clinton won't win in 26 team. Congressman thank you very much for joining us what do you think of governor Jennifer's decision to veto that bill in Arizona. I've not heard of one example of in Arizona. -- business owners religious liberty has been violated. I was sorry that she made the decision and it's -- Because I believe that tolerance is a two way street. And we need to respect everyone's rights. Including the rights of people who have sincerely held religious police constitutional rights shouldn't be traded away. No matter if the NFL decides and to have an economic boycott or not. There is no price that you can put it on constitutional liberties. But it sure sounded like that view was in the minority at least in terms of Republicans who are speaking out -- Senator McCain senator Jeff flake. Former Republican nominee Mitt Romney -- were all burgeoning the governor to veto this -- are they wrong. Well because religious liberties and the protection of our religious liberties is right right now there's a terrible in -- a foot in the United States. And -- it's against people who hold sincerely held religious police I believe it goes both ways you have to tolerate people that you don't agree -- But people who hold religious beliefs also need to be tolerated. Do you mentioned in a recent column that there's not a pent up. Demand or interest for a woman to be elected president what did you mean by that. Well it I took it from my experience when I ran for president obviously I believe that a woman can be present I believe a woman will be -- I just don't think that it will be -- Clinton. For obvious reasons she's proved that she would be capable of being commander in chief she's the godmother of Obama care and she represents the third term. Of a Brock Obama presidency. You think there is a Republican out there somewhere whoever it may be who can. Go head to head with Hillary Clinton if she decides to run without a shadow of doubt there's a lot of them out there but I think would be a real mistake to focus on 2016. We've got the -- fourteen election in front -- -- just months away. We need to focus on that because that will change the table rearranged the table here in Washington wouldn't expectations. Among the conservative base -- just skyrocket. If Republicans happy to take control of the senate there's no question but I president still in the White House though I mean -- -- the White House. As -- bomb -- has. Has it been nothing if not true to his statement when he said he was going to fundamentally transform the United States of America. He did but he's fundamentally transformed it into something Americans no longer recognized. We didn't want a Third World nation we don't want as so called banana republic. We want to be that economic powerhouse of the world we want to be the military powerhouse of the world. And President Obama is guiding us both of those fronts that's why I think -- Obama's party you're gonna do very poorly at the polls this fall so worth the five year mark of the Tea Party. What's accomplished in the last five years. It had a major accomplishment almost immediately and that was removing the gavel -- of speaker Nancy Pelosi hand. And putting it into town -- -- And I think the -- that we saw in 2010. Is coming right back again now -- 24 teens I think that we could see the gavel taken out of Harry Reid's hand in the senate. NC -- conservative hold that gavel. A Republican establishment if you will is fighting back earlier and harder than they did in 2010 you agree with -- The fact that the establishment has the upper hand now on the Tea Party movement. What we're trying to do is embrace each -- much as we -- because that greatest politician in modern times -- Ronald Reagan. And his advice was find someone. Who who you can agree with 80% of the time and I agree with them and that we've got that between the Tea Party in the so called establishment. We do have that 80% level -- agreement now there's air areas -- we disagree there's no question. But as for coming into the clothes on these elections in November now's the time to unify because we have bigger fish to fry with political adversaries. -- talking about leadership. Isn't it high time we retire John Nader's biggest -- It. One of the biggest applause lines the whole day long at the recent five year anniversary of via the Tea Party celebration -- John Boehner do you think he deserves a primary challenge. I really think that that the bigger issue that will be focused on by Republicans by conservatives and by Tea Party years. Will be the challenge to Harry Reid in the senate we need to have a conservative holding that gamble and I think it's going to happen in 24 -- senator McConnell voted to raise the debt ceiling as well. And if he went to the election he would be holding him. We don't know four people in the gap on the senate. Because after an election the senators get together room and they vote. I'm who their new leader will be and it could be a completely new set of leadership both in the house and the senate we just don't know congressman thank you very much thank you. And that's all for this edition the fine print for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm Jeff felony. We'll catch you next time.

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{"id":22776691,"title":"Michele Bachmann: Jan Brewer Wrong to Veto Arizona's 'Anti-Gay' Bill","duration":"3:00","description":"5 years after founding the tea party, Bachmann says the GOP needs unity in 2014.","url":"/GMA/video/michele-bachmann-jan-brewer-wrong-veto-arizonas-anti-22776691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}