Michigan Highway Shootings: Police Search for Gunman

More than two dozen vehicles have been targeted along a busy highway in southern Michigan.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan Highway Shootings: Police Search for Gunman
We're going to turn to a frightening story out of michigan, where a highway shooter was targeting two dozen vehicles in the state. Police are looking for anybody that might be involved. Pierre thomas has the latest on that. Pierre, this is scary stuff. Reporter: It is, george. It's a race against time in michigan, as police try to stop someone who has been randomly shooting on the highway. For baseball fans driving along interstate 96, was shot in his left hip. First, call the cops. Thought maybe a robber or something. On the highway. Reporter: You see him here on the surveillance tape, limping into a gas station, looking for help. Only 30 minutes earlier and only a mile away, another car on the interstate is hit with a bullet entering the back window and slicing through the car. Somebody would have been sitting in the rear seat of the first vehicle, they would have been hit. Reporter: Since mid-october, 24 vehicles have been struck by bullets along this stretch of i-96. There was a gunshot that went through the backseat of my car. Reporter: Until saturday, no one had been hurt. Authorities fear there's a serial shooter out there with deadly intentions. We don't know why. But the big concern is, he's anonymously shooting cars. And eventually, someone's going to get killed. It's a very dangerous situation. Reporter: A federal and state task force has been formed to catch the shooter. Police have released this composite sketch of the suspect. Somebody knows someone that's doing this if they could call us and put him in jail where he needs to be before someone gets killed. Reporter: The fbi, atf and crime stoppers are offering a $200,000 reward to information leading to an arrest. This could be the beginning of a nightmare scenario like we had in washington in the fall of 2002, when the d.C. Snipers killed ten people over a month.

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{"id":17615413,"title":"Michigan Highway Shootings: Police Search for Gunman","duration":"3:00","description":"More than two dozen vehicles have been targeted along a busy highway in southern Michigan.","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-highway-shootings-police-search-gunman-17615413","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}