Teen Shot, Killed After Car Accident

Homeowner says gun accidentally discharged when Renisha McBride came to his door looking for help.
1:48 | 11/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Shot, Killed After Car Accident
shooting death of a teenager that's raising questions in detroit this morning. A homeowner called it an accident. But now some believe that race may have played a role in the killing. Abc's alex perez is on the case. Reporter: A deadly accident or cold-blooded murder? This morning, the family of ranisha McBride is demanding answers and justice. They're arguing their brutal shooting death was the result of racial profiling. She wasn't a bad kid at all. And she didn't deserve to die like this. Reporter: The unarmed 19-year-old was gunned down early saturday morning in this mostly white neighborhood in dearborn heights, michigan. OFFICIALS say McBride was involved in a car accident about 1:30 a.M. Parked her car and left on foot, looking for help. ACCORDING TO HER FAMILY, McBRIDE Knocked on the door of this home, asking for assistance after her cell phone died. That's when a man at the home allegedly fired a .12 gauge shotgun and killed her. He came to do somebody great bodily harm, what he done. Reporter: Family members say McBRIDE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK OF The head as she walked away. But police told "the detroit FREE PRESS," McBRIDE WAS SHOT IN The face. The alleged shooter claimed he believed the girl was breaking into the home. And the gun discharged accidentally. The homeowner was initially arrested but later released. Overnight, many in this commune expressed their outrage. In a statement to abc news, prosecutors say they've asked further investigation be conducted by the police before deciding whether any charges should be filed. But family memberssay, they will not rest until the person RESPONSIBLE for McBride's death is behind bars. For "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago.

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{"id":20826426,"title":"Teen Shot, Killed After Car Accident","duration":"1:48","description":"Homeowner says gun accidentally discharged when Renisha McBride came to his door looking for help.","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-teen-renisha-mcbride-shot-killed-car-accident-20826426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}