Mick Jagger Becomes Great Grandfather

Lara Spencer reports the top stories in the Pop News Heat Index.
2:39 | 05/19/14

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Transcript for Mick Jagger Becomes Great Grandfather
Going to bring things up. I have good news to start "Pop news" this morning. We begin with a big congratulations to Mick jagger who is now the great grandfather of rock 'N' roll. Oh, there you go. My Mick jagger. You're on, George. She's the daughter of jade, 42-year-old daughter who is also expecting a child. Wait. Lots expecting for Mick. That's great for him following the death of his longtime girlfriend in March. Great grandpa won't be able to joke for long. He's got to get rolling. Their tour -- A great-grandfather on tour. I agree. I agree, Mick jagger of news. The band coldplay -- I don't know. Waiting for a reaction or something. Big. Dance, let's see what you got. A lot of jazz hands. Not working. Just keep coming to George. Coldplay is red hot. Their new album "Ghost stories" came out on Friday. Already number one on itunes in 72 countries. The album features a collaboration with avicii and about his recent split from Gwyneth paltrow. The band promised each other 15 years ago they would always make music was personal and vulnerable. When you're listening to the album. What you're thinking about is real and it really is terrific music. So check it out. ? Matthew mcconaughey was in New Orleans. There you go. On Saturday for a gala for his charity, just keep living. He was hanging out in the balcony with his friends and family including Camilla and drew Brees and noticed someone across the way. Wait. Brad -- wait S. That brad Pitt on the next balcony? The longtime friends exchanged greetings. They didn't know each other were there and Pitt talked over a cold one because as we all know friends don't let friends go thirsty. In the world of Hollywood and that, everybody, is "Pop news." Oh, great start to the week, Lara. Thank you. Also burning up "The heat

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{"id":23778507,"title":"Mick Jagger Becomes Great Grandfather","duration":"2:39","description":"Lara Spencer reports the top stories in the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/mick-jagger-great-grandfather-23778507","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}