Mickey Steamed Buns Among Foods at Shanghai Disney Resort

Chef Alan Orreal reveals the special dishes available at the new park, including Mickey-shaped Peking duck-pizza steamed buns and a Cinderella chocolate slipper dessert.
3:21 | 06/29/16

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Transcript for Mickey Steamed Buns Among Foods at Shanghai Disney Resort
Now right back here on the resort at their get Alan a real who's the the shelf running the whole place here editing on the resort has got and I think. I think that's making sure is and that and that's you either pastry shop here as well that's what's. Bruce amazing what do you what do you after this is. This peace deal with the with Peking duck as vehicles aging tough stuff finally instantly do we say Beijing duck and Beijing duck is on the our idea nation of that pizza itself this is in the shape of Mickey so it's authentically Disney but distinctly Chinese as is a lot of fit on the results and Mickey and mini bonds. This Chinese plus sixteen months plenty of choices across the resort and this is another one of them. Mickey savory yes Paul can liberty cabbage incident a silly and as you might expect this. He's listening meetings SEC's issues this week does that sort of sweet one FF. Atticus it classic Chinese cuisine you know I expect this at 70% Chinese cuisine on the resort. 870 places you can eat on the results forty of them inside the pocket. And at classic Chinese. Dish that we chose today is waited beef noodles sit with a classic a room of the beef noodle. And the world know you'll be he. The impression I've gotten web. Gone around that he you know here is that they he of the times really wanna try some some American food that they wanna cut the taste a little bit more. What they're used to know you're absolutely right what we've tried to do is take foods and flavors they're very familiar with and then elevate them through quality of ingredients. And give them the very best that we can't bear on cuisine back to them. If that we foot solo the Corzine on the eight major cuisines of China its really showcase of Chinese cuisine here in the resort I was go to UP two in the the pastries. Yankees making this beautiful Sandra little are new really deserves that and this dessert is featured in the royal banquet hall on the second floor of the ancient historical console right here summoned to relax a little chocolate and equipment mixed together with healthy food of fruit. Exactly that royals have a really nice my current issue concede so eleven to flavor. And little bit of peach TO in between. I'm sure you can't try to sign. Maybe not Moses and isn't it can I can give some of these to the view behind us initially guys want some Bob bonds Israel. It. They should follow the Belmont also helps us I think followed had a Chinese Barack those that we only have four C at the fight over a cup. Until July diets fail here at home and Nikki which one do you want me near you. It was his this is great great stuff so what's what's have been likes upon the demands and we know this is not opening. Huge huge feebly Nickie ready for so many numbers we're absolutely ready and that the it costs have been amazing the Chinese class here on the ground have been extraordinary and we've looked so much we look bulletin meeting office this coming into the pot very soon. Entire forum who is. Well we don't know that if this case is going to be the going to be a lot of great that somebody's name from all over China this can be great China Chinese guests from all over China. We're really looking forward to meeting them because is ready we're ready now does Lance going to be all of his crowd is ready the thank you Alan really appreciate it. Thank you Mickey. I don't it differs with Emmitt you can tell me leave your your favorite has been you don't speak. Okay.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Chef Alan Orreal reveals the special dishes available at the new park, including Mickey-shaped Peking duck-pizza steamed buns and a Cinderella chocolate slipper dessert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40211910","title":"Mickey Steamed Buns Among Foods at Shanghai Disney Resort","url":"/GMA/video/mickey-steamed-buns-foods-shanghai-disney-resort-40211910"}