Miley and Liam: Didn't Twerk Out

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth confirmed they are no longer engaged.
2:16 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for Miley and Liam: Didn't Twerk Out
This just in to "pop news." It's not really just in. But talking about miley cyrus. We want to confirm she and liam, it didn't twerk out. Thank you very much. They're no longer engaged. Which probably doesn't come as a surprise to most. But alas, it is official. A big clue came this weekend when miley suddenly stopped following liam on twitter. What's next for both of them, the otherwise -- well, they're busy. Miley's promoting her album. It's called "bangers." Yes. And hemsworth is about to promote "catching fire," the second installment of "the hunger games" series. No comment. We wish them both the very best. I needed a chance to use twerk. And they're really avoiding the media. Yeah. No wrecking balls, naked, nothing like that. This is interesting. Anna nicole smith is being memorialized in an unexpected way. Anna nicole the opera, premieres tonight at the brooklyn academy of music. This is a co-production with the new york city opera. The show follows the life of the guess model turned playmate, turned reality star, as it unravels. The show arrives here after a sold-out run at london's royal opera house in 2011. The creator says that smith could have made better choices. But he had immediate compassion for her because she had a desire for life and a desire to be loved. You would pull for her. You wanted her to do well. It's getting great reviews. Finally, I can totally relate to this video going viral. This is beauregard, the french bulldog puppy. He's playing with friends. And it's time to go home. And he ain't going anywhere. That's how we feel on some nights when we're having a good time, together often. And it's 8:00. We know we have to go to bed. "Gma" is going to hurt tomorrow. But we look like this leaving. So sad. Yeah. His name is beauregard. And this is spontaneous. Thank you, lara. Back out to sam in las vegas.

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{"id":20278854,"title":"Miley and Liam: Didn't Twerk Out","duration":"2:16","description":"Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth confirmed they are no longer engaged.","url":"/GMA/video/miley-cyrus-liam-hemsworth-engagement-called-off-twerk-20278854","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}