Miley Cyrus on Whether Wedding Is On: 'I'm Wearing a Ring, So...'

Miley Cyrus discusses relationship rumors, music video view record and collaboration.
6:49 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for Miley Cyrus on Whether Wedding Is On: 'I'm Wearing a Ring, So...'
But I hear the love. That has to feel good after the night you had. At jimmy kimmel last night. And "gma" this morning. And making records with this newest single. On top of the "forbes" list, as well. In the last 24 hours, you broke the record for the most views of any 24-hour period. You're getting over laryngitis. But no one can tell because you sounded amazing on that rooftop. This is the most nervous I've been at a performance. I was up all night on the plane getting here. And I've been really sick. If anyone was reading my tweets, I didn't think I would make it. It's done. You really don't stop. I don't stop. Unless you get laryngitis. And you kind of got to. You said with "we can't stop" that describes your life right now. Tell us what is going on. What is a day in the life? I mean, this is probably one the most insane weeks of my life. It isn't always this crazy. I feel like right now, I'm at a time in my life where I think people need to hear that also. For me, it's kind of like where I am now. But it's almost a part of me where it just brings people together. I think people need to know we can't stop. With everything going on in the world the way it is, somebody need something inspirational. It's about having a good time. And everyone in my age group, we're trying to have fun and not stress out. I think I'm right. Your fans, very much. And 33 million views as of this morning, features french fry sculptures to more wild scenes. What do you say to people who say it's too racy for a 20-year-old? They haven't partied for a while. They haven't been to a good party in a minute. Thank you. I think, for me, it was something that -- I was excited when the song came out. But I wanted the music video to come out. It shows where I was at that time in my life. And the video is based after true events. Funny things that have gone down in my life. I think it's great to let people see that of me and not be the glammed-up beauty shot girl. That's not who I am. I'm just about having fun. And speaking about your transformation. You feel manier like you than you ever have before. You have changed a lot since your "hannah montana" days. It's so different. That is a different human than the 12-year-old that was on that screen before. How are you different? Physically, we can see it. How about emotionally? I got a really good hair stylist. And yeah. I just -- everyone just like grows up. Like you slowly start to become who you are. That's what's crazy is the person I thought I was at 16, is completely different at 18 and then at 20. Excit see where I'm you have done it all in the public eye. And f relationshi issues, all in the press. Does it take a toll? I have a really bomb fan base. And they're the ones that are getting it to be 33 million views. My whole thing is, haters are going to hate. Bu haters are also going to you helpe m t record. So, I win. We saw a really sweet picture of you and liam. Will they? Won't they? Are they walking down the aisle? I see the ring on your finger. Are wedding bells in your future? I'm wearing a ring. So -- all right. We want to bring in your special guest. We just saw will.I.A you were amazing on that roof. Let's bring will over. Come on. take a seat. Nice to see you. Fantastic job up there. I love what you said about miley. This will redefine everything you think of as miley cyrus, when you hear this new album. Yeah. When I heard it in the studio in hollywood. They didn't tell me who it was. And they said, it's miley cyrus. What? He thought I was some hipster girl over in iceland making music. Low-key girl that hadn't been discovered yet. You had heard of miley cyrus before. But this wasn't the miley cyrus you thought you knew. This wasn't the miley cyrus i thought. This one is may for turnt up. Yeah. What have you learned about each other. What did you learn about will.I.Am. It's crazy. I didn't realize until we were on the plane together, how many black eyed peas references, i make in real life. Until we were hanging out and realize -- when you were asleep, I don't know if you heard me singing "boom, boom pow" in the bathroom. I learned so much from him. If you go anywhere around the world, it's amazing what he's done as a group and also as an artist. I think that's what I need to do. I needed to break away to do my own thing. But also respect where you come from and who helped you get there. I learned a lot from him. And I never traveled over in europe. But he's helping me introduce myself to those fans who fall down. It's insane right now. The u.K. Has been blowing it up. What do miley fans not know about her that you discovered? Oh, gosh. Not like that. Not like that. Like, miley, she's -- of course, you see miley on tv, right? We -- my little nieces and nephews grew up with miley on

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"Miley Cyrus discusses relationship rumors, music video view record and collaboration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19493977","title":"Miley Cyrus on Whether Wedding Is On: 'I'm Wearing a Ring, So...'","url":"/GMA/video/miley-cyrus-wedding-liam-hemsworth-im-wearing-ring-19493977"}