Military Family Reunited With 'Guardian Angels'

The Spencer family surprised their former neighbors, the Campbells, with a vacation to Walt Disney World to repay them for their help in a time of need.
4:27 | 11/28/15

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Transcript for Military Family Reunited With 'Guardian Angels'
We often take our neighbors for granted. This next story highlights somebody who does not. A military family and they went into all sorts of crisis and we got a sense for their appreciation when they rently shared an unforgettable and truly magical moment at Walt Disney world. Lieutenant colonel jack Spencer is a judge advocate general or lawyer for the air force and in 2011 the lieutenant colonel volunteered to go to Afghanistan. That meant leaving his wife Mindy and their two daughters behind in Oklahoma when jack shipped overseas. You do prepare yourself that you could get a call, you don't prepare for something happening at home that you need your service member back for. Reporter: But that is exactly what happened. The spencers' older daughter Emily had been in an accident in Texas when an all-terrain vehicle she was riding in flipped over crushing her foot. As details start coming in, we find out that Emily is in pretty serious trouble. Reporter: Jack was 7500 miles away. She showed up at our front door in a panic. Amy and Jeff Campbell were more than just next-door neighbor, they had become close friends and in a desperate time of need they stepped in and stepped up. So as we get to the hospital Jeff picks up Emily and carries her in. They took care of everything without question. It was just -- we've got this. You take care of what's important to you. Reporter: Jack made it home and was able to see Emily in the hospital. After visiting his daughter at the hospital, jack went home for a change of clothes and that's when he saw his neighbor Jeff for the first time. We pull in the driveway. He's mowing the yard. Jeff, you don't need to be doing this. He said you got plenty of things to worry about. Any time they left we had a key to just go take care of things. There's nothing I could ever repay them or no way to thank them. Reporter: The spencers moved away to Georgia but with the help of Walt Disney world they sent a special thank you from across the country to their former neighbors and guardian angels. Hello, Campbell family and greetings from the Walt Disney world resort. Mickey and I are inviting you and your family to Walt Disney world. We have some unforgettable moments planned for you. Wow. That's sweet. It's a shock. Reporter: At Disney world the cam bes attended a show of "The lion king" and invited back to the theater for a special meet and greet with the guests. You're not having an incredible vacation the Walt Disney world. That's one of the reasons you're here but really -- this is why you're here. ? And then an incredible surprise. ? ? the circle -- the circle of life ? Reporter: Two families reunited. Are you a little surprised. I was crying this morning because I wanted them to be here so bad. Reporter: After their emotional reunion, the families retreated to the conservation station where a Thanksgiving feast was waiting but first a message as if the spencers hasn't endured enough jack was in a serious car accident and couldn't make the trip. Hey, Jeff and anticipate, thanks again. Sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate sent some special folks to celebrate with you. I hope you have a great time and look forward to seeing you soon. Reporter: Would he cry if he was here tonight? No. Friendship and kindness reunited for good times and so incredibly thankful for what that friendship meant in a Tim of need. To good friends that are there when you need them. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Salut. You guys are blessed. Two incredibly warm, loving couples. I was honored to be there. There was not a dry eye in the house when those two families embraced. I cry at that song as it is let alone having that experience going on. You're not a cavern of emotions. We leave the newscasts with attacks and shooters but let's let this be a reminder there's more good than evil. There are really great people and so much good in humanity. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Cheers to you.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"The Spencer family surprised their former neighbors, the Campbells, with a vacation to Walt Disney World to repay them for their help in a time of need.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35461063","title":"Military Family Reunited With 'Guardian Angels'","url":"/GMA/video/military-family-reunited-guardian-angels-35461063"}