Military Mom Honors Late Husband Through Running

A widow, Lisa Hallet, helps military families move forward through the power of running.
2:12 | 06/17/15

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Transcript for Military Mom Honors Late Husband Through Running
everyday heroes and this morning, it's a military mom of three who turned the loss of her husband into a unique passion. Jesse is here with her incredible story. Good morning to you, Jesse. Good morning, Lara. Lisa lost her husband in Afghanistan six years ago but through running she's honoring him and helping military families move forward with every step. Good job. Good job. Reporter: Lisa Hallett is a military mom with an important mission. Wear blue provides that sense we're not alone in remembering our service members. Reporter: When her husband was killed in Afghanistan in 2009, Lisa turned to running. When I was in high school I remember saying I am going to marry John. Reporter: Lisa and John grew up together and were married at their childhood church in 2003. It was just the perfect match. The couple had three children. Love you. I love you too. Reporter: Jackson, Bryce and their youngest Heidi born just days after John deployed. John called and he said I never heard her cry and I said, oh, my gosh, don't worry about it. We have a lifetime for that. Reporter: Three weeks later Lisa got the news that John had been killed. My world was wrecked. Reporter: Now widow Lisa quickly realized she wasn't running from her heartbreak but instead running through it and set out to help others find that same strength. We had this community where we were going to heal together and so wear blue was born. Reporter: What started as a few friends joining her Saturday morning run grew to 10,000 national runners. Lisa working tirelessly to keep her husband and so many other loved ones' memory as live. Sara, keep it up. Reporter: The group gathering at national races to remember share and heal. I'm honoring my dad. It's a happy dad and I feel good. They live because blue lives and that's an incredible gift. And Lisa has said even now when moments are terrible I think we are so going to survive this and, of course, we're all rooting for her and all the military families out there. Her strength is absolutely remarkable. Such a strong woman and true hero. Thank you very much for bringing us that story and we

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"A widow, Lisa Hallet, helps military families move forward through the power of running.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31825553","title":"Military Mom Honors Late Husband Through Running","url":"/GMA/video/military-mom-honors-late-husband-running-31825553"}