Millionaire's Hidden Cash Giveaway Sparks Safety Concerns

Authorities are worried that the scavenger hunt for money may cause chaos.
2:44 | 07/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Millionaire's Hidden Cash Giveaway Sparks Safety Concerns
Now to problems connected to the big hidden cash giveaway taking America by storm. Police now confronted with safety and security concerns here. Plus, a big reveal by the millionaire about the next cash stash. ABC's Brandi Hitt has the latest from Los Angeles. Brandi, good morning. Reporter: Good morning. The hidden cash craze continues with yet another drop and after a rowdy situation earlier the man behind the money told me, safety is his first concern. Aagh! I found one. Yay. Reporter: The mad dash started as an exciting scavenger hunt with the best of intentions more than a thousand kicked up the sand in hunting done beach looking for pez dispensers with $50 hidden inside. Hey. Reporter: And they also scoured this Los Angeles park. I found it between some rocks. But just 24 hours earlier it was a much different scene. Armed with flashlights and out-of-control crowds stopped traffic. Oh, oh, getting out of the car. And even overtook this reporter on KTLA. Forcing extra officers to be called in. Always nice to have free money but at the same time resources are being used and drained to keep people under control. Reporter: Do you bear responsibility. In some way I do. We tried to instill this very positive kind of pay it forward message. You know, you're always going to have some bad apples. Reporter: The millionaire behind it tells ABC news despite in rowdy crowd he'll still make cash drops in the evenings but using more open venues. Did you expect it to get this big? Definitely not. I opened a Twitter account just to follow him. Reporter: From coast to coast they've been trying to find it since may and for the most part each event has been family friendly. Ah, this is pretty neat. I'll take the cash. Thank you, Jason. I'll pay it forward. Reporter: He says as long as these crowds remain positive, the happy hunting will continue. I don't think it's about the money. I think people want to connect just have fun and pay it forward. Reporter: Now, I couldn't let Jason buzi go without trying to squeeze out hidden cash clues. He said this morning's drop would be in the inland empire. Here's a "Good morning America" exclusive. He told me it will happen in Riverside this morning. A little bit more of a narrow search and Dan and bianna says he'll be heading to New York very soon, as well so you can get in on the action. Both coasts will get some free money. Thanks for the breaking news. Every time we go looking bianna boxes me out? My money. He can pay it forward. I'll take the money. Terrific. Meantime, let's check the

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{"id":24534911,"title":"Millionaire's Hidden Cash Giveaway Sparks Safety Concerns","duration":"2:44","description":"Authorities are worried that the scavenger hunt for money may cause chaos.","url":"/GMA/video/millionaires-hidden-cash-giveaway-sparks-safety-concerns-24534911","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}