Mindy McCready: Fifth 'Celebrity Rehab' Star to Die

The country singer's death raises questions about the reality-TV show's impact on recovery.
2:40 | 02/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mindy McCready: Fifth 'Celebrity Rehab' Star to Die
Now, to the latest on mindy McCREADY. The country music star dead after an apparent suicide. And the 37-yeaold was the fifth participant from the tv series "celebrity rehab" to die. Did her very public attempt at recovery hurt her chances to get getter? Gio benitez is here with the latest. Reporter: Good morning. The host of that show, dr. Drew pinsky, speaking publicly about McCREADY FOR THE FIRST TIME, AS We learn more about her final days. And this morning, we have what MAY be McCready's last song. The song is called "i'll see you yesterday," posted by a friend on youtube. McCREADY WAS REPORTEDLY WORKING On it in the days before her death on sunday. ♪ I'll see you yesterday I'll see you in my dreams ♪ Reporter: Overnight, appearing on hln's "dr. Drew SHOW," McCREADY'S FRIEND PLAYED This recorded phone call of the country star in crisis. Apparently talking about her boyfriend's death, just weeks ago. It was the cruelest. Most awful situation. I've ever seen. Reporter: Dr. Drew pinsky, WHO WORKED with McCready on "celebrity rehab" she had just returned to treatment. A lot of my conversation with her was how to keep it confidential. And lo and behold, the press got out with it and attacked her. She left. She's dead because of it. Reporter: This morning, many are asking how another star who had sought help so publicly, could once again lose her battle. McCREADY IS THE FIFTH CAST Member from "celebrity rehab" to die. Most died after suffering relapses. Leading some to wonder if treatment played out on television does more harm than good. Rehabation from addiction. That's a lifelong process. That doesn't end when the cameras stop rolling. That can make it harder for an individual going through whatever it is in the public eye. Reporter: Actress and singer mackenzie phillips knows how tough it is. SHE was McCready's co-star on "celebrity rehab." Monday, she spoke to tmz. She was my friend. She was a really good person. She was incredibly talented. And I loved her very much. Reporter: We asked dr. Drew to comment on whether it's more difficult for celebrities to undergo rehab in the public eye. But he did not respond. It's wort noting how difficult recovery can be in or out of the spotlight. I think of her poor kids. Time, now, for the weather and sam champion.

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{"id":18535541,"title":"Mindy McCready: Fifth 'Celebrity Rehab' Star to Die","duration":"2:40","description":"The country singer's death raises questions about the reality-TV show's impact on recovery.","url":"/GMA/video/mindy-mccready-dead-celebrity-rehab-star-5th-die-18535541","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}