Minnesota Man Freezes Pants

Tom Grotting is famous in his Minneapolis neighborhood for standalone sculptures he makes each winter with frozen pants.
2:54 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Minnesota Man Freezes Pants
That's it she's really got it was really get believe that the Pentagon was quick bathroom break there. But now time for us. To ever make that we're talking about. Things there it is so cold right now in Minnesota. It's so cold in Minnesota. How cold is it how cool this it thank. It's so cold in Minnesota that he's pants. Purchased frozen in their tracks how to get them opt for have actually there's a guy who lives. You've got to be funny yeah he got soaked them in water up. Molded them and put them outside different parts of his town. Tenth for the tank on his neighbors pretty funny yeah. Kind of cool to do them all parts of town and it only took like thirty minutes and that answers question of how cold it is in Minnesota. Apple. Very interesting I like I like that's very very interesting now apparently there's a guide and England and was very upset with. The new ways that popcorn makes a movie theater so he wants to ban he's got a petition out to ban people from eating popcorn and and it. The oath about a. Yeah a yeah. Spot for the there were bargains. Out like nine to lifted until it went. Can you explain stores don't miss the meters three years old I think. Its borders or there's a guy and Yates the doors of pop record but I don't think I'd to have them like cancerous. Yeah he did paints Russo. He he he he's during this whole decision to get people hope. To stop the big game noises didn't movie theaters where a myriad Clinton and when they eat their popcorn. Hey I didn't know that you're going to dig into it. I didn't. Know scored that was true I think the point it doesn't make a love and I didn't like us I don't think styrofoam of the script I'm national tellem. Good deal my carrier so you all that we haven nor is improper and finger look at this biscuits. You know trying to get a kids tick through Valdez a tough thing. So. This is in Seattle some fans here they used a football. That is connected tip his teeth and this solve that problem take a look our own gut. We heard what. It's. And yet it did work. I thought that's really disgusting jokes about the lower part that I made this Malin road vehicular.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Tom Grotting is famous in his Minneapolis neighborhood for standalone sculptures he makes each winter with frozen pants.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36392427","title":"Minnesota Man Freezes Pants","url":"/GMA/video/minnesota-man-freezes-pants-36392427"}