Minnesota Manhunt Ends in Dramatic Shootout

Police apprehend alleged cop killer after exchanging fire on the streets of St. Paul.
1:37 | 07/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Minnesota Manhunt Ends in Dramatic Shootout
Now to that massive manhunt for a cop killer in Minnesota that ended overnight with the dramatic shoot-out. It all went down in a quiet St. Paul suburb and ABC's Pierre Thomas has the story. Pierre. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. After a tense manhunt a suspected cop killer has been wounded and is now in custody. Overnight the search for 39-year-old Brian Fitz ending the way it began, with him opening fire on police. Authorities locating him in this suburb after receiving a tip from the public. Authorities say Fitz made a u-turn after seeing police but was blocked by a patrol car. He started a fire and officers from the passenger side at that time returned fire striking Fitch several times. Reporter: Fitch seen here arriving at a local hospital. His condition unknown this morning. An unidentified female traveling with him was also wounded. But police say her injuries were not life-threatening. Dramatic shootout happened less than four miles from where he is suspected of shooting Scott Patrick, a 19-year veteran on a routine traffic stop. A massive dragnet with S.W.A.T. Teams searching door to door, automatic rifles drawn. He left behind a wife and two teenage children. He was a very dedicated police officer and a family man who absolutely adored his children. Reporter: For police it's ban a violent week with six officers shot in North Carolina, new Jersey and New York. This year the number of officers killed by fireairports is up a staggering 65%.

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{"id":24785679,"title":"Minnesota Manhunt Ends in Dramatic Shootout","duration":"1:37","description":"Police apprehend alleged cop killer after exchanging fire on the streets of St. Paul.","url":"/GMA/video/minnesota-manhunt-ends-dramatic-shootout-24785679","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}